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  1. The Cornet King

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    Cornet Player- West Yorkshire. Can travel

    About time i posted this i think!

    Intrument: Cornet


    Location/Region: West Yorkshire. (Huddersfield) Will travel though.

    Grade: 8+

    Name: Chris Hoyle

    Contact Details:
    Mobile No 07905 846008
    Or Just PM me on here.

    Instrument(s) played: Cornet

    Section of Band you are comfortable to deputise for: Any.

    How much notice do you require: The more the better but just try me and see if i'm free

    Name of your present Band: Marsden Silver (Riverhead Brewery) Band

    Position played within present Band: Repiano Cornet

    What section is your present Band in:1st (Championship 2007)

    Would you require transport: No, i drive.

    Do you require expenses: Petrol money if i have to travel a fair way. Otherwise just a pint or two would be grand!

    Any additional comments/Information:
    Always happy to dep for concerts and be borrowed for contests (when and where the rules allow).
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  2. The Cornet King

    The Cornet King Active Member

    Just thought i'd post to say i have updated all of my details.

    As from about 11/12th June i'll be leaving Hull University and returning home to Huddersfield for good, so the details above reflect all the changes. :p

    I don't have the internet at home (yet) so i have to pop down the library to get online. From 11th/12th June it would be easier just to call/text me to get in touch, otherwise i may not get e mails/PM's for a while.

    Look forward to meeting new tMP'ers if/when required. :p

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  3. samandy

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    Cornet Vacancy

    Hi Chris

    I just thought I'd contact you to welcome you back to sunny yorkshire! Elland Silver Band currently have a front row cornet vacancy (2nd section) and have quite a number of engangements on over the summer where we will need a dep. The first being Saturday 18th June at the Yorkshire Mining Museum. Any chance you might be able to help?

    We rehearse Weds and Friday evenings from 7.45 - 9.45. The programme for this concert is "Stage and Screen" first half and "Proms" second half. We have some great concert items on including a cornet feature "Mexican Holiday" and are finishing the fist half with 3 movements from Peter Graham's "Cry of the Celts".

    Give me a ring on 07940 525837 if you are interested. Thanks
  4. 2nd man down

    2nd man down Moderator Staff Member

    Of course you know there's always a seat for you here at Emley, we'd love to have you join us full time and help push us up the sections.

    You know you want to. :biggrin:

    Cheers Chris

    'AVE IT.
  5. cornetgirl

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    May I add that Chris also doubles as an excellent toastmaster and raffle man!!!

    Rach x
  6. The Cornet King

    The Cornet King Active Member

    Now that summer is here, just thought id update my details a bit (as above). If anyone is short over summer for a cornet player at any job or rehearsal, any section, just ask and see if im free.
    I'm around all summer.


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