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Discussion in 'Recruitment Corner' started by ex-silkstone- player, Nov 17, 2005.

  1. Names Martin i am 20 and live in rotherham. I have been playing since i was 8 years old. i left silkstone 15 months ago and not played a note since.

    i started out at a band called worsbrough brass when they first formed and when i felt could not progress any more with them i joined a band called Wards which changed its name to Weaver and is now called Strata. After progressing up the ranks in the second section with these on to the rep position i also re-joined Worsbrough to help bring on there cornet section and i also started to conduct there quartet section which whom i took to the Barnsley music festival at Keresforth hall in which they won there section. i then joined a band aiming for higher, bigger and better sights, Old Silkstone Brass Band.

    At this point silkstone were in the second section and i joined on 4th man down. That year they won lots of competition including the, pontins, yorkshire area. The final in dundee we should have won but git place 6th. But what a time it was.

    Then last year i left the band and moved to rotherham. Im glad i did but wish i still played, as Sikstone then got promoted to the championship. Congradulations to them and wish them all the best in that section. Show grimi and the black dikes of this section what a band with spirit and heart sound and play like.

    As i said at the top i no longer play but im looking for a band to play with in the rotherham area to get my lip back in.

    Anyone with any ideas message me please,
  2. multiman

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    We are looking for a cornet player, not based in Rotherham but just down the M1. drop me an email or ring on my mobile 07879 400 538.
  3. Martin Hall

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    Hey there, we at Knottingley (1st section) need a good cornet player for the front row if your interested.

    We are just 10 mins up the A1 from Roth.

    We even compete in the Spring Festival "british open qualifying" contests at blackpool and have a cracking test in the form of harmony music to get our teeth into. So lots to look forward to with us!!!

  4. Martin Hall

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    Just to add to that, if its a case of just wanting to get your lip back in, thats fine with us, no pressure, sit front or back, i am sure we can help!
  5. geordiecolin

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    I imagine Barnsley Building Society Band (formerly Barrow Colliery) will be looking for cornet players. Check out their website at
  6. penny brookes

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    Hi Martin

    We are a friendly and ambitious band having just moved up to the 2nd section and looking to move forward we require an assistant principal.

    Don't know if you can recall - but on xmas eve in rotherham town centre you had a brief chat with one of our members - but he failed to get your contact details.

    Please feel free to give us a ring as our MD (Toby Bannan) would like you to join us (and so would the rest of the band!!) - call 07967 769565

    Many Thanks and look forward to your call. :clap:
  7. Hi Martin,

    Hope I'm not too late, I'm from Chapeltown Band which is not far at all from Rotherham. We are looking for a cornet player to give us a full complement for the 1st Section at Bradford. Front or back line, we can adjust to suit.
    So, if your'e still available and fancy a go, please reply or give me a ring 01226 747951


  8. robcornet

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    Cottingham band championship section are looking for cornet players it's only 45mins from rotherham. we practise at the Zion church in cottingham which is near Hull.
  9. boogaloo

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    if you are still looking for a band , Thorpe hesley band in rotherham could use a player like you, give Chris a ring on 07877837026