Cornet player seeks band near Catterick NE

Discussion in 'Recruitment Corner' started by skweeky, Mar 31, 2007.

  1. skweeky

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    Hi guys.

    Im 18 and im in the army as a musician and have been posted to Catterick to play with the HC&C band. I am desperate to find a friendly brass band (preferably above 2nd section) to play with.

    I used to play for blackpool brass moving through 3rd, 2nd and into the 1st section North-west before joining the army, playing sop for a few years but then moved to solo cornet for a year to prepare for the army.

    I would happily play either instrument. Any bands who have vacancies for either: please, PLEASE email me. "Cant live wi'out't brass band"

    Thanks in advance

    Perry O'Brien
  2. skweeky

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    I have to add...
    My PM box only takes 2 messages at a time so its easier to leave a reply here. Thanks.
  3. waynefiler

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    don't worry

    Hi mate, i'm bumper up at the HC&C band. Don't worry there's plenty of bands up here to choose from.

    One of our sax players conducts Ripon City Band - 3rd section and off to the finals in sept, and crying out for cornet players! Maybe even a top cornet spot if you're lucky. Contact musicmaker here on tmp if intrested
    I play for Broughtons band - 1st section
    another plays for Durham constabulary - 2nd section.

    Not sure if you drive, but to get to most bands you WILL have to drive a fair distance to find a band (i'm driving 80miles there and back twice a week).

    Good to finally put a face to the name, been wondering who this musn O'Brien was all week.

    Hope to see you soon

    Wayne Filer
  4. michellegarbutt

    michellegarbutt Supporting Member

    Might be a bit of a drive for you but Murton Colliery have a vacancy on sop but if you'd prefer cornet I'm sure we could do some juggling. Please get in touch if you're interested
  5. musicmaker

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    How do mate as Wayne has already said Ripon do need a top man and we are in need of some cornets. The band is friendly and we have our own bar.

    What date you getting up to Catterick? Bet you can’t wait to get out of the crotchet factory and in to your own band.

    Lee C Whitworth ATCL
    MD Ripon City Band
    Sax Player HC&C Band
  6. boneman0970

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    Dont forget you've got the great boys and girls from Barney Band!!
    Great bunch of people and there MD is top notch at his job
    Try them
  7. skweeky

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    well, i think iv'e hit the nail on the head. Quite a few replies and PM's. I'm not going to be stuck for a band then lol. Nice to hear a few guys from HC&C in bands, I will be up there on the 25th April (just in time for Germany I heard). Hope I get a single room though :(

    Anyway, I'll check out the bands when i get there then. Obviously a brassband-enriched area.

    See you guys soon.

    Perry (Musician O'Brien ;) )
  8. waynefiler

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    Don't hold your breath, single bunks up here are normally reserved for NCO's.
    I was given one twice and then asked to vacate them twice to make way for NCO's and then put into a 4man room. If you're especially lucky you might even get one of those for yourself as none of the band live in the block, although it is not unknown to have to share with other soldiers from the camp!!

    Good luck with that anyway.

    Anyway do you drive?

  9. waynefiler

    waynefiler Member

    Sorry Gav, forgot about them. Never forget your roots or something like that eh?

    They are a nice bunch of people, and they even rehearse in a club with a bar!

    p.s. Kathy says hi!!

    KEARTON New Member

    Hi! Read your post. We are an unregistered band in Leyburn, very freindly and starting to play at a good standard (won three competitions last year, (beating at Hardraw Scar Festival 4th, 3rd and a 2nd. section bands) Anyone is welcome to come and play with us and you would be assured of a warm welcome. We meet on Tuesday nights (mainly for tuition, but the next two Tuesdays are full rehearsals as we have three concerts this month), with Wednesday nights and Sunday afternoons as main practices. Evening practices are 7 till 9 in the Thornborough Hall, Leyburn and Sunday 2.30 till 4.30 pm same place. You are welcome to come along to keep your brass band lip in - no commitment required. Want to know anymore? do give me ring on 01748 886505, my name is George Lundberg - MD. Good luck!
    PS other good bands in the region - not too far to travel are Barnard Castle (3rd section) Ripon Band ( came 2nd last week in 3rd section areas, MD plays for your band ) and Cockerton (2nd section).
  11. skweeky

    skweeky Member

    :eek: Thats no good. haha. Oh well, not to worry.

    Yes i do drive and have my own car etc. I've been asked that alot, should i need to drive?

    Perry (pez)
  12. waynefiler

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    Yes, catterick is not the hell hole that it once was, but if you want to go anywhere the buses take a lifetime and the taxi fare is pretty high.
  13. Jasonp

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    Good luck at the HC&C mate and very well played Saturday night.
  14. BrotherBone

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    Good to see you on here George!! Hows the cd recording coming on? got a release date yet? anyway.. Perry mate, I can confirm that you'd be more than assured a warm welcome at Barnard Castle.. (I played there for about 7 years) and also at Leyburn... (they even have tea and biscuits on a break!! talk about cushy!!). Waynes a great guy so if he's at Broughtons they cant be a bad bunch of people. One thing though, dont feel theres a rush to find a band to join straight away, I did that when I moved around here and it took me a good few months to get settled in a band that I felt right in. Anyway! Good look finding a band mate Im sure you'll be made welcome at any of the bands around there and dont be a stranger.

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  15. Mrs Fruity

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    Yes, but do they have George's scones? Nothing else will do!:clap:
  16. josie C

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    could try langbaurgh?

    Hi, you could try Langbaurgh Brass, we are based in North Skelton, North Yorkshire.
    We are a 1st section band who didn't compete at the areas this year because of a shortage of cornets.
    We have an otherwise pretty full band, good rehearsal facilities and excellent social skills!
    Check out our website (which is partly still under construction!) where we have a guestbook and forum if you want to get in touch:)
  17. Hi Perry,
    hope you have settled in at Catterick. I hope you are still interested in coming for a blow, we rehearse on a Thursday (7.30 - 9.30) & Sunday (5.00 - & 7.00). I hope to here from you. I think you have my home number.

    Easington Colliery Band
  18. musicmaker

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    welcome to Ripon City mate, glad your enjoying it.