Cornet player moving to London

Discussion in 'Recruitment Corner' started by picju96, Mar 7, 2007.

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    Hi everyone,

    My friend is moving to London on Monday and is looking to join a band when he gets there. He's currently playing repiano cornet with a West of England 3rd section band and competing at the areas at the weekend. He'll be living in Hendon (North London).

    Thanks in advance,

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    If you ignore the backbiting, this thread gives all the bands in London.
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    Re: bands in North London

    Hi, I live in North London and did the rounds when I first moved here looking for a good band that was commutable etc. I would recommend Denham Hendon, Capital Concert as north/west london bands, Fulham is further south but possible on tube ......perhaps Watford or Enfield (boreham wood at a push) are possible too if you drive? .....Regent Brass may be a good bet if you looking for a better band that is close? ........or I think Grimsdyke will be a good bet too (about 3rd/2nd section I think). Good luck!
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    I guess it depends on whether he has transport or will need to rely on the not-so-wonderful public transport.

    Grimsdyke is probably closest and good bunch (2nd Section ). To the west is Yiewsley, Capital & Denham but it does mean the evil A40 which can be hell on earth ( I trek it every day to work ).
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    Hi there
    Denham Hendon band (1st Section) is based in Denham which is near Uxbridge. There is a tube to Uxbridge and we could arrange transport to the rehearsal room from there. Alternatively Denham Main line station is 10 minutes walk or again we could arrange pick up, this station is 25 minutes from Marylebone. There might even be a bus route?

    If you want to give have a chat PM me a contact number and I will give you a call.