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  1. Not really sure what to put here...........!!! I've been playing for years (feels like it anyway!!) , but took quite a large break when I re-located 6 years ago and consequently had to leave my band. Recently got back into playing and have realised how much I missed it!! So - I'm looking for a band in the North West Area who's prepared to risk letting me join their ranks!!! The catch (there always is one!) - my job takes me away about 3-4 times a month and so I can't provide 100% attendance, and it's irregular at best. What I can provide is 100% commitment for when I am home.

    My pedigree -

    Manx National Youth Band (Isle of Man) - Principal Cornet - till I weren't "youth" no more, which was about 1996
    Manx Concert Brass (currently 2nd Section) - mainly Repiano (my favourite seat!), with some Solo stuff mixed in. Was there till I left in 2000, been sitting in there whenever I'm on the island recently.

    So if there's a friendly band out there that are prepared to put up with my random comings and goings, I'd love to hear from them! Not proud where I sit - cornet section would be nice though!!

    Cheers all
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    Where abouts in the North West are you based? And when you say "home" I assume you mean a band as I'm looking for a lodger at the moment!!!!
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    If your anywhere in Cheshire/SOuth Manchester, Barnton would love to see you. My job takes me away too and they have been very accommodating to that too. Send a private message to myself or Big Mamma Badger.
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    The Timperley Band are looking for a Solo Cornet player
  5. I'm in south Manchester - Didsbury to be exact. I have to say, I'm very grateful for all the kind offers and advice I've had on here and via PM!!! :) And when I say I'm looking for a home - yes, a band is what I mean!! I've received quite a few offers as I say - so I'm going to have to do some thinking I guess....... Not sure my current playing state would enable me to "cut it" in the top section yet though. Working on it!! Very flattered by the offers!! :p

    Thanks again everybody!!!
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    Whitworth (just outside Rochdale) are looking for a front row cornet player. 3rd setion band.
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    The Timperley Band

    The Timperley Band (Championship NW area) have vacancies for a front row and a back row cornet player. Opportunity for suitable candidate to sit top man. The band rehearses on wednesday nights in Timperley south Manchester.

    Applications welcome from students starting or returning to Salford or manchester uni's.The band reformed September 2005 and has very strong players around the stands.
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    The Ripon City Band are looking for front row and back row cornet players. We are a friendly and sociable third section band but desperately need strong commited players to reach higher places! Please visit our website if you are at all interested!