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    I've been afforded some "budget" at some of the little primary schools I teach at, and I'm keen to get some decent mouthpieces to enhance the standard, but useful at this level, instruments that we have (Elkharts/Blessings/Student Yamahas etc.). The Trombones and Baritones will be getting Wick 6BS's, just as their teacher plays!, but I do need advice with the Cornet (and, indeed, Horn) side of things.

    When I taught at a High School in Edinburgh, which had a long established tradition jazz/pop/soul kind of bands - I just couldn't get any interest in a brass band at all!! - all the trumpets all had Bach One and a Half C's, and that was excellent. Is there a cornet equivalent?, and if not, can any cornet players recommend something similar?

    Thanks in advance!
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    You can pretty much get cornet matches for any size Bach trumpet mouthpiece. I have a matched pair Bach 1. Trouble is you might have to go online and order from a supplier in the states to get them
  3. imho, forget all the "student mouthpieces"... it's stunning how fast the kids adapt to the larger (=normal) editions.

    I'd strongly recommend the Yamaha 14C. Easy to blow, good range. Or try the Denis Wick 4B, also quite a good choice (but not as suitable for kids as the Yamaha...)
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    I've pm'd a link to a comparison chart which might help.Wasn't sure about posting links on here ?
    Everyone I know started out on cornet with a Wick 4B. A good all round mouthpiece. Some are still using them.
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    If you ask your front row tonight, assuming the row is full, you'll find that the first 3 play on DW 4Bs and 4th plays on a DW RW3B. The 4B seems to be a popular choice.
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    I use a Denis Wick RW3 ... almost everyone seems to start with a Denis Wick 4B. The 4B makes the top register easier when you start out but does produce a bright tone. I have also tried a 4 but that was a little deep for me given i also play sop. The RW3 seemed a nice compromise and produces a nice full tone.
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    Please, please, please avoid the DW#B....The bright, in some cases laser bright, sounds are making my ears bleed as a conductor. Give a student, who also plays trumpet, a cornet with a 4B and the sounds are almost indistiguishable.

    The RW3 produces a good round sound and is still helpful for the upper register. Better still, if these are beginners, get 'em started with a DW2. The fullest, richest sound (so easy in the lower register) and still capable (with work) of hitting the high notes.

    Just my two pennorth.

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    :clap: Definitely give 'em a lower DW - 2,3, or 4. I had a 4B for a while and while it made it easier to switch from cornet to trumpet, it made my sound too bright for the section I was in.
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    Roddy isn't having the above problem twice a week (and rising in March)!!

    I stick with the above...give kids a chance of a big round sound from day one.
    Beginners will appreciate the ease in the low register. Improvers will find it second nature if taught on a larger mouthpiece.....and the naturally talented.....huge, round, quality sounds with a sweet upper register.

    three pennorth.

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    Yes, it's a Bach One and a Half C! I use one for everything, Cornet, Sop, Trumpet, Flugel...not your traditional brass band cornet mouthpiece but for me, it's perfect. It's quite big, but I was always told to use as big as I could manage. Our principal cornet uses a Bach 1c (slightly bigger than 1 1/2) which tires me out to much on sop, lots of what I do is very high so I use the smaller of the 2
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    Thanks for taking the trouble everyone, most appreciated! Looks like I'll try the Wick 4B!
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    Hi Alan,

    Suggest you go to and have a look at the Stork cornet mouthpieces 3B 4B 5B for primary children.

    Dafydd ap Iago
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    Don't know why I bother.
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    You tried your best....:clap: :clap:

    For what it's worth i also advise avoiding the 4b !
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    Don't worry mate...I totally agree with you...use a Wick 4 (As used by Salvation Army cornet player) for cornet and 2F on flugel. Yamaha 16c4GP for trumpet though;)
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    Just stumbled on this thread. Wick 4b for me! Also like (and play on a lot) the Kelly mouthpieces. The crystal ones make the kids keep them clean as well! By the way, who's giving you all the money?!
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    I agree go for DW 4, personally I play on a 3 now but was on a 4, the 4b gives such a thin and narrow sound the bigger the better, I was always told to play on the biggest mouthpiece possible; you can always practice to get your register but its more difficult to get the tone right.
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    4B! Besson 7 is actually not too bad either, and cheaper, but hard to get these days.

    I know some are arguing the use of larger and deeper mouthpieces because of tone, but for primary school kids? Good, bog standard general purpose mouthpieces are probably more appropriate in that situation. I'm sure Mum and Dad won't be too outraged by the lesser tonal qualities of the "The Little F & G March" at next year's Christmas Concert! :)
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    DW mouthpieces are good mouthpieces.something like a 4 or a 4b are good ones for them to use