Cornet mouthpieces

Discussion in 'The Rehearsal Room' started by Stingy Vib, Nov 29, 2007.

  1. Stingy Vib

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    Can anyone tell me of a suitable upgrade from a yamaha 16e mouthpiece - obviously a wick 4 or 3 would be ideal however they are not for this player(The guy has a plate in his teeth and stuff), yam mcann may also be too big, so looking for alternatives with as warm a sound as possible without being a strain on his weakened embouchure. Also wicks are out as the guy doesnt find them comfortable. I wonder what those sparkes mouthpieces are like or perhaps Bachs? Any suggestions more than welcome as I know im somewhere between a rock and a hard place???
  2. tam-tam2

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    Could always try a Warburton, fiddle about with the different coonotations and find one they may like!

    I used to play the cornet with a plate (4 false teeth front top) but now have a bridge. I used to play on a Lewington McCann but now play on a DW4. Never really affected me but hey, we are all different. I hope you find the right mouthpiece for the person.
  3. Stingy Vib

    Stingy Vib New Member

    Thanks Tim, nice suggestion, ive heard the warburtons were good, cheers!!!!!!
  4. sop 1

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    yea warburtons are great,been on one for years now!