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    I'm stumped as to whether or not I want to get a heritage version of the wick standard mouthpiece I'm using. I've heard that although the dimensions are the same that the mouthpiece is vastly different and in some cases may not be as suited as the standard equivalent, can someone confirm this for me? I also read that the vibrations from the instruments are 'felt on the lips' with the heritage mouthpieces, surely this is the case with all mouthpieces?

    I'm also looking at a lewington mccann mouthpiece and would be willing to take it off someones hands for a fee if they dont have a use for it anymore. :)
  2. Steam Driven Cornet

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    I use a Heritage 4B cornet mouthpiece - find it very comfortable and can't say I've noticed the vibrations from my cornet when playing. It does feel slightly different to the standard, but different doesn't necessarily = worse.
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    because i'm a euph player, I have no first hand experience of this,
    But one of my cornet friends who went from a 4B to a heritage 4B, says there is next to no resistance on the heritage - which means, if you slightly split a note - contrary to the standard 4B, where you can sometimes quickly recover that note - there's no chance of hitting that note on the heritage. In some ways - this is a good thing, because it'll make you work harder - but in others it may be a downer for you - if you get put down easily
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    What mouthpiece are you currently using?
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    I'm using a Gold Plated standard 4B at the moment, its a bit worse for wear round the rim, dinted etc...
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    Best advice is to try them both back-to-back (with some others as well if possible) and use what's best for you (take a friend with a good ear). While advice here is always welcome, usually fairly well informed and well-meaning, its impossible for anyone to tell which is the best option for you.

    Ideally try them over an extended period and in the various different groups you play in too - if the music shop refuse to let you do this they don't really want your business, so go somewhere that does.
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    Please bear in mind - just because a mouthpiece in a Heritage outer shape does not play the same way as a mouthpiece in Wick's traditional outer shape, it does not mean that it is the outer shape that is making the difference. They have improved with the advent of CNC machinery, but there's historically been a lot of unintended variation in the Wick output in sizing.
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    have you thought of getting your old mpc polished up and replated. would be cheaper than a new one.