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  1. Good Afternoon all,

    I have a query I suppose.

    Last year I picked up a cornet for the first time after many many years of being a Trumpet only man.

    I have a lovely new Besson Soverign but I think the Mouthpiece may not be suiting me. My trumpet mouthpiece is quite a deep cup and wide (Dennis Wick 2W) which I get a fantastic tone out of and have had for about 10 years now. I took advice from the guy's on the cornet section and tried out some in the shop and I ended up with a 7C (original choice ha!).

    Getting the range is fine but the issue I have is that I want to get a nice sweet tone that fits in with things like Hetty Wainthroppe and stuff like that as well as all the other types of music. I play in a Military Band which is within the Territorial Army and I am now on the top stand and really enjoying the solo work.

    Any advice you can offer would be really helpful.

    Many Thanks,

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    As a Trumpet/Cornet player, I have found the Warburton mouthpieces to be quite a good solution. Same rim, different cup for each instrument, ensures that the mouthpiece feels the same for each instrument, but is designed to produce "the most appropriate" tone for the instrument.
    I currently use 3BC for cornet and 3MD for Trumpet. I will, at some point evaluate the 3S, or 3SV for Sop/Piccolo.
  3. trumpetmike

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    If you like the Wick 2W, how about a similar cornet mouthpiece? Denis has cornet 2BW that has almost identical dimensions to the 2W trumpet mouthpiece (in terms of cup diameter and rim width).
    There are also a number of other #2 variations, including a heavy top model.
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    as a trumpet player who only recently moved on to cornet, i have a similar trumpet mouth piece to you, and i am using a vincent 1c mouth piece and the tone and quality is great, (though its debatable from time to time as '2nd man down' will tell you)
  5. alks

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    I assume you mean vincent back 7c that you've ended up with! If this is the case get rid of it ..... i played on a 7c from the day i first started on the coent (age 9) and refued to play on anything else. ......until years later my friend "hid it" from me and gave me a DW4B and said "work at it and you'll be better" ....... a year later i was indeed far better...... ive tried the VB 7c recently and now i cant belive how i ever managed to play on certainly held me back for years.... i think the 7c is more suited to SOP.
    Now of course im wondering if moving mouthpiece again will improve me even more?Who knows ? its all a stab in the dark type thing i think.
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    Personally I don't think you can beat the Denis Wick mouthpieces for cornet. There are obviously other options though. If you are continuing to play the trumpet and are going to be swapping instruments regularly, I would suggest getting the system such as Warburton whereby you can swap and change different elements such as the rim, cup and lead pipe bits!! Otherwise, try to get something where the rim is at least the same as your favoured trumpet one to minimise the difference on your chops!!

    If you are going to be a primarily dedicated cornet player, there is more scope to change completely. I agree that for a cornet, a 7c is not the best choice (unless you are on Sop). Depending on the part you are playing, I would recommend the any of the DW2-4. The deeper the cup, the darker the sound, but the range may suffer initially. I would tend to go with the biggest mouthpiece possible to maximise the sound, hence I play on a straight DW2 but mouthpieces are a very personal thing. It may work for some players but not for others. Remember, these are just suggestions not instructions!!! Good luck.
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    Absolutely - Our MD says "Don't use any mouthpiece you can't fit your head in". Denis Wick 2 all the way, unless you're lucky enough to find a Rosehill 1/4C, they make the DW2 look shallow and have the most amazing vintage cornet sound - unfortunately I don't think they're manufactured anymore.

    It is a very personal thing though, and its doubly hard if you want to get a good trumpet sound from a trumpet as well as a nice cornet sound from a cornet.
  8. persins

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    In which case, they haven't even got close to inventing that one yet!!! For once, we are in agreement, my friend!! Long may it continue, but I bet it won't!
  9. Thanks to everyone for their advice. I am going to try a DW2BW which I have ordered. Will have it on approval so fingers crossed.

    Once again many thanks.

    Nick :clap: :tup
  10. Ruthless

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    Very good choice. Since I moved to the 2B 8 years ago I have not looked back. I only tried the 2BW last year and find the wider rim (the only difference between them) a bit more comfortable on a longer blow. I have found them both much easier than the DW 4B in the upper register. It also gave me a much richer tone when I swapped. (I gave up using the 7c VB when I got my first end chair and had to start playing solos)

    My problem is going the other way to find a trumpet mouthpiece I am comfortable with that does not make me sound too much like a cornet player. (I know I am a cornet player but I try to pretend occasionally that I can make a proper trumpet sound) I now have a 1 1/4c Vincent Bach, a 1 1/2b vincent bach and a Denis Wick 4. They are all okay for different pieces depending on whether I am up high, on my D trumpet or playing lyrical stuff. I am still searching for that elusive all rounder so I do not have to keep swapping between pieces!! Any ideas? Would the 2W be the ideal partner for the 2BW cornet mouthpiece?

    What would you then suggest for Flugel playing (whilst I am it!!)

  11. FlugelD

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    DW2FL!! (like what I use!)

    I used a DW2B in my cornet playing days, and dug it out recently when doubling cornet/flug in a 10-part - no problems at all. (Apart from 2 days cornet practice, then I picked up the flugel and almost removed my front teeth...:rolleyes:)
  12. Hi all,

    Once again many thanks for all your replies on this.

    Another favour though. My local music shop here hasn't got a Wick 2BW in stock and is having problems getting one in.

    Any ideas on any decent shops where they'll prob have one in stock? I can then buy over the phone and get it sent out to me.

    Many thanks all,

  13. cjconnor24

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    I use a DW4FL on the flugel, gives me a nice warm almost dark sound! Great! Works really through all registers (even up the top: B's n C's). Proabably Not that far of the DW2FL.


    How sore is that:p !! And yet we all seem to do it....think you'd remeber after the first 5times:biggrin:
  14. Ruthless

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    Keep looking on Ebay ShaunEuph seems to have some on every so often
  15. madrich

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  16. I have good news. I have managed to locate a 2BW now and "Normans" are despatching it today. Had to pay a fiver over the odds but thats life I suppose.

    Thanks to you all for your advice. :clap:

    A happy ending indeed.