Cornet made in Glasgow in 1887 by Douglas & Sons

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    I thought I would post a copy of this here because it may interest people who read this forum.

    I bought an old cornet a couple of years ago and eventually got round to having it partially restored. This is some before and after shots and a bit of me playing it. The reason I know its from around 1887 is that there is an identical one in a museum with a known date, and that company did not make instruments for very long.

    First, a bit of a disclaimer!

    Now click here for the recording and the photos:

    YouTube - My Love is Like a Red Red Rose by WIlliam Weide played on a vintage cornet.

    Once I have the valves fixed it will be very playable.
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  3. First, I want to say that was an excellent job on the solo. Second, I would like to invite you to look at our website. We use all instruments of this vintage, and some older. On some pages we have background music. As you can tell, there are always intonation issues with this equipment.
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    There ar e afew bands like yours in the USA that I have come across. The slots on the old cornet are very wide which means you have to be careful with intonation but it also means you don't need triggers.
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    I would like to point out that your page doesn't seem to exist...
  6. I will check on that. I must have something wrong on the link, but others on here have gotten on with no problem.
  7. I don't understand what is going. I can't get on through the link, but I can by typing the address in. I can't find a mistake in the link. But there must be one.

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    Take out the "http://" part
  9. I will give that a try.
  10. I tried that, and it still wouldn't go. I can get on through links on other sites, but not the Mouthpiece. I am going to wait till this evening, and try again. Thanks for the suggestion, and calling my attention to this.
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    Link points to wwwindependent rather than www.independent - you need to add the '.'
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    So it does! Rookie mistake to not actually look at the hover bar at the bottom of the browser. The reason it'll be doing that is because there's a dot after the independentsilverband, so it just treats the whole first bit as the server. Need to go into the actual coding.

    [ URL=""][/URL ]

    Try that. There are of course spaces before after the first "[" and before the last so that you could see the coding. So make sure you remove them

  14. Thanks to all for the help. It goes right through now. I will put it in as it is above. I appreciate the time. What I don't understand is that it had not shown up.


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