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    I'm looking to join a contesting band in London, either on the back row for champ/ 1st section or on the front row for 2nd-4th section.

    I've spent the past two years playing on the front row with both a 2nd section band and a decent salvation army band up in yorkshire and fealt pretty comfortable at that level.

    Either temporary or permanent positions would be appreciated,

  2. Owen S

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    Hi Ben,

    You'd be welcome to come down to Egham. We're on the southwest side of London, and you can get to us on the train out from London Waterloo. Click on the link below to find out more.

    There are a few bands around London, but it's a big place, and the bands likely to be best for you will depend on exactly where you're living. If we know where that is, we can help more.
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  4. MoominDave

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    Are you in London or maybe outside and to the West, within range of Oxford? We have a gap on the back row at the moment.
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    Tilbury is over on the east side of London.!/Tilburyband
    Very friendly and sociable 2nd section band with busy concert and contest schedule going into 2012.
    Come and have a blow!
    Contact Andrea Lewis 07843 011144
  6. Hello Ben

    North London Brass is an innovative and expanding network of bands based in the northern suburbs. We currently run local bands in four locations:

    - NLB Edmonton (N9) on Monday evenings
    - NLB Enfield (EN2) on Wednesday evenings
    - NLB Muswell Hill (N10) also on Wednesday evenings
    - NLB Southgate Concert Band (N14) on Friday evenings

    We're also adding an NLB Finchley brass band in N3, to rehearse on Monday evenings from early 2012.

    Our members choose to attend one or several of our bands per week, depending on availability... and stamina! We work with professional conductors and coaches in each location. We perform both as local bands and in Massed Bands spectaculars.

    On Thursday nights, North London Brass members are welcome to join our sister projects, our symphony orchestra rehearsing in Southgate (N14) or our jazz big band rehearsing in Enfield (EN2).

    We were formed in January 2010 and are contesting (4th Section) for the first time in March 2012. Our Contest Band is a 'band of bands' made up of the the most capable and appropriate players selected from our local bands, and rehearsing periodically at different band HQs across our network.

    If any or our locations are convenient for you - and if our slightly unorthodox approach appeals to you - you would be very welcome to come and visit us, play in and see if you like what we do. In any case, contesting or not, it would be great to meet you and make another good brass banding contact in the capital. We're always looking for quality cornet players, in particular, and to make new friends in brass banding, in general.

    You can read all about North London Brass on our website at

    Best wishes


    Martyn Stogden
    Director - North London Brass
    Tel: 020 8366 0657
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    Hello again,

    Thanks for all the replies, I appreciate all the offers and help so far.
    I'm living in south London (Camberwell) so a band in London (rather than outside/ outskirts) would be ideal due to travel cost & time. I'm looking to join a band full time but I wouldn't mind just helping out for the odd concert/ contest until I find one.

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    Hi Ben, I have posted you a private message. Regards, Julian.
  9. Owen S

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    I'm afraid you're not in a great location for finding yourself a local band. There are only a few bands even fairly central in London, and those few aren't located very conveniently for you. I used to live not far from you (west Walworth / Kennington), and travel to Egham via Kennington tube and Waterloo.

    Have a look at this map: Your closest bands are probably Fulham, Crystal Palace and Croydon, though you'll need to investigate how long it will take to get there on the tfl or national rail websites. Journey times in London depend almost as much on the vagaries of public transport or traffic as they do on actual distance, and this may mean bands further away are as suitable.

    Good luck.
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    Fulham Brass Band is the most centrally located non-college band. We have a number of members who travel from Clapham and that general area. Excellent bus and tube links available. We are a freindly, social and ambitious 2nd section band rehearsing each Monday 7.30-10pm 2min walk from Fulham Broadway. We enjoy full rehearsals and attend about 4 contests per year. Please check out our website at or give me a call to discuss further: Simon Jones - Musical Director 07796530718