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  1. second_horn

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    I wanted to buy a cornet gig bag for my daughter, but I was hoping to ind one with room for her 2 mutes. Not one of them mentioned space for these, but in the end I bought a GIG branded one new on e-bay. It said it had large pockets so I thought this might be OK. When it came it looks good, but it's a moulded shell and so the mutes won't fit in the pockets, only fairly flat stuff will.I'm a little dissapointed, as who wants to have to carry mutes separately? Anyway, just wondering if anyone knows of one that will take mutes?
  2. 2nd tenor

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    It might be worthwhile calling fusion bags in Cleckheaton (I believe that they are the original makers of Gig-bags) to ask what they have in their range that could be used to fit your needs. They have a large range so perhaps one of their other bags and a cornet sleeve might work for you?
  3. Tom-King

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    Personally, I like the double/triple trumpet bags - the space that's intended for the extra trumpet does nicely for 3 mutes and various other bits (I use a triple bag and carry a Sop and a Bb most of the time) usually with the cup mute in the sop bell and a stand in the cornet bell.

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  4. Andrew Norman

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    This is what I do for Cornet or Trumpet + Flugel. A triple bag gives plenty of room for mutes and other sundry rubbish....
  5. Andrew Norman

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    This is very similar to what I have - shipping is about £8
  6. GordonH

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    Triple gig bag is bigger than a cornet case with mute space and provides less protection. An old friend of mine had a trumpet in a gig bag on the back seat, someone he was giving a lift to jumped in the car and sat on it. Resulted in a banana shaped trumpet.
  7. GJG

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    I've heard gig bags referred to as "an instrument repairer's dream" ...
    Hard case for me every time. They don't have to be heavy (although some are).
  8. second_horn

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    Thanks all, we kept the GIG bag with the styrofoam shell (it would have cost a lot to send back, and she liked the look of it!) The mutes have been left in the bandroom! All the ones that took mutes were very expensive, the fusion had add on bags for mutes, but were over £100 to start with.This GIG one does seem to offer good protection, and was only £50. But to be honest, the size of it they could easily have made the bottom section hollow to take mutes....designers take note!

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