Cornet duets - any suggestions?

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  1. HELP!!!!!

    I'm looking for a cornet duet for a couple of youngsters to play with band - not too difficult though as one is just about grade 5 standard although the other is about grade 7. It doesn't really matter whether it's slow or fast (as long as it's not too technical!). Thought about the Flower Duet, but not sure about that one.

    Any ideas please?
  2. barrytone

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    Try something like Two Comrades, Ida and Dot or Playmates, the older pieces are interesting because they demand some technical ability but not too much. The duetists can also swap parts over half way through the piece so they both get to play the bottom part and get practice using the back valve.

    From an audience point of view, they're not too long but entertaining and as they duetists get proficient they can always up the tempos to increase the difficulty.
  3. Thanks, Fran.
    Think Ida and Dot and Playmates may be a bit hard for the less experienced one though.
  4. Di

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    How about Foxtrot between Friends. OK, its written as a cornet/euph duet, but would work for two cornets too. Nice and bouncy and not too tricky.
  5. Alan Fernie

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    A couple of mine might fit your bill - "Something Stupid" (by Robbie and Nicole, or Frank and Nancy, depending on how old you are!!) works pretty well, and is very easy to do. It probably comes into the "cheesy tripe" category, as quoted elsewhere, but I have to say that it was my best seller last year, along with the dreaded "Amarillo" and the "Concierto de Aranjuez". It's published by the much maligned Obrasso, as is "Spanish Trumpets", a reworking of an old duet; a bit trickier, but it seems ok.
  6. "Something Stupid"

    "Something Stupid" sounds as if it could be just what I'm looking for. Has anyone got a copy of the duet part so we can have a look to make sure it's ok before we splash out and buy the whole set?!
  7. Something Stupid!!

    Thanks to everyone for their help. We bought Alan Fernie's "Something Stupid" and the boys played it at our concert last weekend. It went down a storm!! Not too taxing for inexperienced players to attempt, and sounds great.
    Thanks Alan!!:clap:
  8. Jacob Larsen

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    How about Concertino Classico by Joseph Horovitz ??? A great piece written for The Hjørring Brass Band in the 1980s when Herbert Møller was MD...
  9. city4life

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    Does anybody know where I can download an mp3 file of Something Stupid as I am playing it for my GCSE Perfromance and I need to play it to the band so they know how it goes because none of them have heard the Brass Band arrengement.:sup

    It doesn't matter whether I have to pay because a friend of mine is going to USA and wants to play it over there with a band and he will cover the cost.

    Any help you could give me would be great.

  10. themusicalrentboy

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    city - it's not difficult for the band behind the soloists. as long as they've played it once before the actual recording it should be pretty easy. Anyway, your GCSE performance is based on you not the band so any ensemble errors don't hurt your grade.
  11. city4life

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    Cheers but I would still like to have an mp3 file because it helps me to play accurately if I listen to it for a while before I play.
  12. city4life

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    It also helps if I have it playing when I practice because then I know how each phrase goes or is supposed to go.