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  1. m0pdq

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    hi all

    just got a long flexi brush thing to get some of the gunk out of my cornet, and......

    i can't remember how to clean it ! (shows how long it has been!)

    i am assuming, take the slides / valves out.

    warm soapy water in the bath (or similar)

    and go for it !

    any advice / tips ?


  2. andyh

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    Not an expert by any means, but I'd say: not too much detergent, don't make the water too hot if you value your lacquer/silver plate. If silver use Goddards Long Term Silver Pad polish (the one with the sponge). Use a valve-brush inside the valve casings - I put a drop of washing up liquid on the brush first. It goes without saying that you should try to keep the felts dry.

    I use a toothbrush to gently clean around the waterkeys, as this area can collect a lot of grime and be difficult to get at.

    I'm sure other people will have some more relevant tips
  3. andyp

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    Best tip I've had is soak in lukewarm water (all slides and valves out, slides in the water too) with a tablespoon or two of bicarbonate of soda, for an hour or so (if desperately bad, overnight!). As it's alkaline it gets rid of all the nasty acidy stuff that's come out of your mouth and ended up in the cornet. Then run the "long flex brush thing" down the lead pipe while it's still full of water and be amazed at the gunk that comes out.

    Worth running the brush round the slides, through the holes in the valves, and down the bell as far as possible too (again while full of water) but don't try to force it round any bends, you may struggle to get it back out.

    Best thing for the valves and bores is a clean soft cloth (e.g cotton hankie), I use a plastic chopstick to push it through the bores so it doesn't scratch them. (people wonder why I carry one chopstick in my case....!)

    As andyh says keep the felts dry or you'll get squishy noises next time you play.....

    Cotton buds are handy for the hard to reach places on the outside (in between valves, etc)
  4. Hornblower RN

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  5. andyh

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    Clearly aimed at children. "Don't clean your trumpet" ? I don't agree with that. I always clean instruments before issuing them to our training section recruits and some of the horrible black gunk that comes out on the end of a flexible brush has to be seen to be believed !

  6. andyh

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    Interesting tip. Is that really safe for silver plate? It won't dull the plate or give it that "black" tinge?

  7. emziesonic

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    When I clean my horn i simply bath it in luke warm water and 3 steredent tablets (the denture cleaning ones) and leave for half an hour turning it over half way through. Although I would put a towel on the bottom of the bath so your instrument doesnt get scratched.:tup
    Take it out wash it through with cold water then leave it to air dry. Then give it a good old polish with Goddards Silver Polish until nice n shiny.:biggrin:
  8. Di

    Di Active Member

    I've done this a few times with Vic's sov horn with no problems. :tup I also like to finish off with a bit of Goddards foaming silver polish to give that extra shine.
  9. andyp

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    No, if anything it takes the black stuff off, especially around the water keys etc where crud gets and it's difficult to clean off. It's very mild at 2 spoons in a sinkful.

    You should never use any strong cleaning stuff on an instrument.
  10. andyh

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    For some reason I read that as "2 spoons a skinfull" :p

    Must get some new glasses....

    Thanks for the tip, I'll try it next time I have a training section cornet to clean.

  11. KMJ Recordings

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    Make sure it's bicarb you use and not sodium carbonate....the difference in pKa is marked and the latter is too basic (alkaline)...and I'd tend to shy away from steradent for the same reason.

    I've gone into the chemistry of this here before, somewhere....something to do with tuba cleaning I think.
  12. andyh

    andyh Supporting Member

    Yes, Goddard's is nice and gentle on the silver plate, as you apply it in the sink, with water. I couldn't get any in my area though, and ended up buying a pack of six pots online from Chumleigh Hardware. May be a useful link for anyone else having trouble tracking the stuff down.

  13. Di

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    The foaming stuff is much easier to work with too as with either the liquid polish or the wadded old duraglit like stuff is very difficult to completely remove, leaving you with black hands or black smudges on the clean white shirts for quite some time after a clean. :-?

    I've usually managed to find some in either Asda or Wilkos.
  14. Acky1962

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    S'funny that this subject should crop up. I was only talking to a mate of mine the other day. Our old conductor at Kingsway Youth (Ciff Caldwell - Fairies bass player and employed by Barratts of M/cr as a rep at the time, unfortunately died in the eighties) used to give out sachets of instrument cleaning solution. I cleaned my old band issue Regent with this stuff and the sh1te that this solution released from inside the instrument was incredible (& without the aid of a pull through). Unfortunately this was 30 years in the past and neither me or my mate could remember what this stuff was called. I do remember it being supplied in a small "blister" pack and it being a reddish brown colour. Anybody else use anything like this in the 70's?
  15. m0pdq

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    thanks for the replies :)

    i couldn't believe the amount of cr@p that came out of my cornet !

    must clean it more often.


  16. Must clean my euph actually...I stopped playing a while ago for health reasons and it breaks my swinging brick to even see the case never mind get it out and clean it!......
  17. Llamedos

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    I put one through mine and it came out black....!!OOoops-wonder why???
  18. catherine_S

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    Goddards is great, but it's worth knowing that Waitrose are now doing their own brand version which appears to be identical and may be easier to track down!