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Discussion in 'The Rehearsal Room' started by Catherine81, Nov 16, 2017.

  1. Catherine81

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    I am looking to buy a cornet case which can hold 3-4 mutes. I would like a rucksack design but that isn’t essential. Any suggestions?

    Many thanks
  2. 4th Cornet

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    I've had the same question myself before, done the research, but never bought as it wasn't a priority for me. What I discovered from my research is that the best option was a double trumpet case. There were quite a few makes to choose from with backpack straps at the time I was looking. It might be worth looking at the Protec range as a starting point.
  3. tat

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    Fusion do one but you'll have to add an extract pack for the mutes, a bit on the pricey side as well.
  4. tat

    tat Member

  5. GJG

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    A pub, Surrey, UK
    I have no idea whether you can still get them, but I have a case I bought from Virtuosi instruments. It's a single cornet case with enough space internally for 4 mutes, and an external pocket for music and oddments. The design and construction is similar to that of the protec cases, and it only cost me about £30 (that was several years ago, mind ... )

    I've been happy with mine, but Virtuosi don't seem to have an active website at present. Might be worth a phone call or email to First Brass Instruments in Northampton.
  6. tat

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    I have a smith Watkins case that carries 4 mutes, i know that they'll sell you one but don't know how much they cost
    Cases & Accessories
  7. Tom-King

    Tom-King Well-Known Member

    I'd put protection first - it's very easy for things to get damaged in even the best gigbags, they're just not anywhere near as protective as a proper case... instruments that are damaged don't play as well as ones that are looked after properly, it's simply not worth risking it (said as someone who used a leather triple for years, and doesn't anymore).

    The Protec Ipac cases are superb - the Double version would allow you to carry your Cornet with 4 mutes without much difficulty if you configure it right... and they're protective ike a serious case should be whilst not weighing a crazy amount.

    The Smith-Watkins cases mentioned above are bombproof flight-case type things - you could throw one at a bus and it'd win... but they're not what I'd call light, either.
  8. Jack E

    Jack E Well-Known Member

    A few more that might suit (though I've no idea how well a cornet would fit in a case meant for a trumpet?);

    Bauhaus-Walstein (BW-TPT1-BLM) Black Attache Style Trumpet Case - Large Mute Section (£51.74)
    trumpet cases and gig bags from protec and winter flight cases

    Gard 8-MSK Trumpet and Mutes Gigbag - Fabric (£134.00 - which seems a lot for a fabric gig bag)
    Gard 8-MSK Trumpet and Mutes Gigbag - Fabric

    John Packer JP8271 Cornet Case (£89.00)
    John Packer JP8271 Cornet Case

    Jakob Winter JW 771 Prestige Wooden Short Cornet Case (£169.00)
    Jakob Winter JW 771 Prestige Wooden Short Cornet Case

    Gator GL-Trumpet Mute Case (£76.76)

  9. Cold ash brass

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    Cold ash
    97174810-9D6B-4ABD-A3B1-E0360F1BFA2F.jpeg A1BAEE5F-9CC9-4F13-B4FD-022D1FE7E799.jpeg 7EB07723-59C3-4C03-9B91-184C93BCFCF1.jpeg 68EEC3D3-FAAF-41F9-8179-2B70C72E2D4B.jpeg
    Hi Catherine

    Protec cases are fab as you can design the inside yourself as it come with padding for you to secure both instrument and mutes or another instrument etc

    I actually have a protec IPac case for sale of the buy and sell page on Facebook

    I have used it twice
    Selling due to swapping from cornet to tenor horn

    Let me know if you are interested

  10. sop@55

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    Hi, As a sad old "so & so" that has been around the block a few times I have several "gig bags" but I would never rely on them for public transport. However, these days car travel, especially around London & SE is impossible. Then there is the need for uniform jacket, music, stand, oil, glasses and sun glasses tooth brush, before thinking about mutes. So, I have 3 suitcases of different sizes, all heavy duty and I can mix and match my Reunion blues, heavy leather, Cornet or Flugel case, my Bar Lines leather (fluffy) cornet case (my favourite for travel with Suitcase or travel by car ), (thank you Mr Bar Lines and Alan Morrison). What I'm really saying, "if you need to carry 4 mutes you probably have a whole heap of junk to transport (makeup?). If you were moving house you would not use a fleet of cars or hundreds of plastic bin liners. My personal hate is the large rucksack style bags as everything damages everything else. Love Protec - had a Shilke Sop for many years and the Bb upright case held everything I could want. cheers G

    ROBTHEDOG Member

    I have Gard MSK 7 for sale. It's about £120 new. It's mint looking for £75.
  12. Crumpledhorn!

    Crumpledhorn! New Member

    Hi Catherine

    I have one of those Virtuosi cases mentioned if yr still me 07903 467182


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