Cornet Cadenza - variations on a ninth

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    Hi folks
    Just wondering if anyone who has played the cornet cadenza in Variations on a Ninth (Vinter) can clear this up for me? In the repeated arpeggiated section in the middle, did you carry through the B E and D flats from the beginning of the cadenza? On the few recordings I can find on YouTube the flats seem to carry. However, experienced players and conductors are telling me that arpeggiated bit should be played with B E and D naturals! Argument being that the flats are reinstated in the last bar of the cadenza. I'm due to play this at a contest in mid-April and it would be nice to play the right notes! Copy attached. All thoughts welcome!

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    No bar lines - flats carry through. Just written in in the last 'bar' as a courtesy IMHO
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  3. The flats carry through as it is one big, extended bar. They are only reinstated because the last part of the cadenza is on a new line - not a new bar.
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    Played this piece at Leicester Contest and was criticised for being out of Date so beware and good luck
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    Hi Claire.

    I've played "Variations on 9th" at contests on 3 occasions and conducted it once. In all 4 performances the Principal Cornet player played the flats throughout the cadenza, and one of those performances was the winner at the British Open. John Berryman played the cadenza on the GUS recording and he assured me that the flats carry throughout.
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    Excellent. Flats it is! Thanks
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