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    Saw something on Facebook about a player's cornet falling apart during his solo at the Norwegian Championships the other day. Anyone know the details? Did he, or could he, recover? Wonder what his bumper-upper did! I'll bet whoever endorsed his cornet is having a bit of a squeaky-bum day doubt he belongs to either Yamaha, Besson, or Geneva.
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    Eikanger's top man and Geneva 'Symphony' cornet endorsee David Morton. His 3rd valve slide came out during their own choice performance, apparently - in the bit in 'Audivi' where top man, solo euph and percussion have a trio. Sounds like he recovered flawlessly and had the minerals to go on and nail the rest, but yeah, I imagine it's a moment that Geneva would like wiped from the collective consciousness.
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    First of all I would like to say Respect to Dave Morton for keeping cool and recovering so well. Yamaha and besson both make great instruments and tend not to fall to bits, however Geneva instruments are not great. One of our 'elite' UK bands endorse Geneva and were gifted sets of instruments for some sections of the band and many of the players have returned to playing on their own instruments as a result of bad build quality and intonation issues with the Geneva instruments. Oh aye and Geneva pay said bands professional conductor £30,000 a year to say the instruments are good and don't fall to bits.If only he had been conducting Eikanger.
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    Thanks for the information: so, hats off to David Morton then ... if 4BR have an award next year for 'Biggest Cojones', he'll be a shoo-in to win it! :clap:

    Regarding Geneva, I don't know the details of the particular issue that affected Morton's cornet, and nor have I any personal experience of Geneva instruments, but what I do know for a fact is that if the grub-screw fastening the trigger-arm to the slide on a cornet is loose and falls out, then there is a very high chance indeed that the slide will fall off as soon as the cornet is tipped off-centre.

    I wonder will Geneva or David Morton reveal what actually happened. If it's the grub-screw, then Morton should hold his hands up, but if it was an instrument fail, then Geneva should accept the blame.
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    Screw coming unscrewed on moving part which needs to be detachable? - i.e. can't be nailed/riveted on. User error. It's the same as a valve cap coming loose or your mouthpiece falling out. I play a B&H roundstamp horn which is still going strong, but if you don't look after your instrument, it won't look after you. It doesn't matter who made it or how old it is. There is a lot of twaddle talked about the relative qualities of instruments - mainly by endorsees or salesmen with a vested interest. I'm sure all makes have their faults too. Look at Besson who had a market monopoly until they spent a decade producing rubbish instruments and went bust - all the time their endorsers were telling us all they were the best ever. The same crowd of Besson artists popped up again when the current incarnation started, despite them all switching their 'best ever' allegiance to Yamaha,sterling, geneva or whoever in the meantime. I'd imagine even at the 'pro' end of our hobby it's a bit of a hand to mouth existence, and our elite bands /players can be paid to say black is white.
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    Yes, I seem tor recall a thread on here some time ago that was started by a guy who was peeved that he had shelled out a fortune for a York Bari or Euph (can't remember which) on the strength that David Childs said they were the 'best ever'. York then went bust, Childs (logically) was employed by some other brand who promptly became his new 'best ever'. I'm not sure what the fella who started the thread wanted: his money back from Childs? Or his head examined for believing the blurb? I think that the best one can read into an endorsement is that the musician does not believe that the instrument is utter **** and that they would be willing to play it in public performances and contests...accepting the possibility that the third slide might fall off :p
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    Probably got deleted, there is an awful lot of soviet style censorship taking place recently.
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    If you bothered to use the search function you will find plenty of York related threads.