cork or rubber?

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  1. on some instruments the spit key has cork or rubber.which one is the better?personally i prefer rubber..............

  2. HBB

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    I've always had cork, so I've never known any different ...
  3. i used to have cork but found that rubber seems to fit more tightly onto the tube.also rubber doesn't split much unlike cork which wears out over a period of time and leaks.

    nick harris
  4. HBB

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    THat's true ... and I lost a cork on my Soverign too! :(
  5. VenusTromster

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    Now Nick, i wouldn't go for any of them. Blue-tack is far superior, and it also means that if you get bored in a rehearsal you can break some of it off and throw it at people! :wink: :D
  6. Hollso

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    My Getzen cornet has funny valve button things. They're alright, but my hand gets a bit... wet :roll: They're definately something different.
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    Our trombonist once got a water key cork stuck in his mouthpiece (they were both in his pocket!). Intially he thought the trombone had sprung a leak and as this was 5 minutes before a concert all the joints on his "bone" were taped up with insulating tape. It wasn't until he went on stage that he found the cork in his mouthpiece!!!!!!!!!!

    There are many equally as daft stories about this trombone player that I might be persuaded to tell!???
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    You sad man.... :roll: Does it really matter ?
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    well that was helpful... :roll:

    i think we had a thread while back about a fancy new kind of water key... someone more qualified will give you a link I'm sure!
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    Cork one kept falling out of my old euph, it got a little irritating after a while ... :?
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    Glad you noticed!! :lol:
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    I've never had anything except cork personally, but I know people with rubber.

    Yes Cork can dry out, but isn't that the advantage?? I mean water left to sit and not dry out would go moldy, wouldn't it with rubber??
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    The Willson euphs come fitted with a rubber on the waterkey that slots into the hole so the airflow is not disturbed.
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    That's the glue, not the material of the bung! Try Uhu. Or am I missing the point (what point?) - aren't you supposed to glue them in?
  16. jameshowell

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    I personally don't like either...

    My Taylor London has Armado waterkeys (I'm guessin they are what the ealier poster "fancy button things" was referring to)

    They never leak, they don't spray spit everywhere and they don't dent your tubing.
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    I personally prefer rubber--oh wrong website :oops:
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    I've never been to Cork! And didn't even know there was a place called Rubber. :roll:
  20. Dave Euph

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    Never said I blamed the thing ... I just couldn't be bothered to glue it back in so I just wedged it in as far as possible ... :)