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    I'm looking to place some tracks from our four band CDs onto our website for people to listen to.

    Due to copyright, I'm only going to add traditional tracks, items like Hail Smiling Morn, American Trilogy, Auld Lang Syne, Shenandoah, Non Piu Andrai, etc.

    Now, I know enough regarding sheet music copyright, etc but not much regarding the mechanical side (i.e. pre-recorded tracks). We have paid a fee to the MCPS for each CD produced.

    Can anybody make it clear as to where I would stand with placing traditional tracks on our website?
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    Your MCPS fee probably ONLY covers release on CD, not putting it on the internet. Even though you're not making the music available for download ( I assume?) there is probably an additional fee payable if you want to stay above board. Have you spoken to the recording company or companies involved, because they may be able to help with this. There's more info on the MCPS-PRS site here.
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    Thanks for your posts.

    I've had a look at the PRS for Music website and are thinking of paying the Online License fee as music is only going to be available for streaming.

    Do I need to contact each publishing company separately to gain permission before I sign up and pay with PRS??

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    No....that's their pay them, they distribute the royalties.