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Discussion in 'The Rehearsal Room' started by Smid, Apr 30, 2014.

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    Having just invested in a set of good condition premier copper Timps we are looking for some suggestions on how to best protect them while transporting them via coach and car to concerts etc.

    I have seen on the web some example of gig bags that appear to allow you to carry them upside down but wondered if anyone had experience of them and if they are universal or just particular to there timp makes.

    Also the uneven road outside the band room doesn’t make it particularly friendly to there small wheels so anything that both protect and allows them to be moved without the loss of skin to the ankles or inducing a hernia would be welcome.

    Thanks in advance

    Darrin Smith
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    Hi Darrin,

    You can change the wheels of Premier drums to heavy duty castor wheels - think we used something like this: It was definitely a good move as they cope with uneven ground much better than the original wheels.

    Also try moving them on a sack truck across really rough ground, done that before, it's a lot easier.

    The minimum protection I'd use is Mushroom cases ( ) plus the lids to protect skins. Be careful of moving them if they are on their side as sometimes the copper shells shift (repairable but a pain as you have to take the skin off). Mushroom will give good protection but won't protect too much against dents so try to jam smaller instruments between the timps to stop them bashing each other when on a coach. If you really want to look after them then you need proper flight cases but they cost and need a van to transport.

    Not sure what cases you are on about, maybe you've seen some Adams universal timps placed upside? I'm not sure I'd want our set upside down nor would I wish to lift them into place!
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    One band I played with had a very strong lad who could carry a 32" timp like a snare drum. Get such a person in the band and treat him to a beer now and then!!!!
    As for the technical bits, over to the experts
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    At Shepherds we have mushroom type covers for our copper timps. We also have what I belive is known as a Timp Skate, which is a triangular piece of wood with three large castors on the bottom - two fixed and one revolving - and a sort of socket to place the pedal foot into and two circles to put the timp castors on. If I remember on Friday, I'll get a photo of it. :)

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