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  1. I had overlooked that strict point, as you have reminded me. Perhaps I was put off by the sacrilege of having a "drumkitless" ensemble, or whatever the word is; if not, I haven't yet thought of my excuse.
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    In your opinion presumably. My opinion is that far too many brass bands have drummers that play at a volume inappropriate for the genre; dominating and spoiling the performance.
  3. It appears that you may have overlooked the fact that both your assessment and my own can be be true. My own view on this is not mere opinion. If there are many in brass bands that believe that drummers are presented with music that is all set out and ready to play, so that one can, almost religiously, say "play as written", then the level of understanding of the matter is deficient, especially when the ones believing it are MDs; I know of enough of them to assert that the problem is sufficiently widespread to be of concern.

    If there are brass band drummers that play too loud, then that too needs to be addressed. I haven't seen that myself. It is not that I have never got my dynamics wrong or will always get them right. I do get them wrong sometimes, especially in rehearsals - and so do my brass-player colleagues. I quite frequently act as a cue to others in the band when I nail the dynamics, and I sometimes take cues from others when I let it slip.

    I am not convinced, DRW, that you have looked at this beyond your apparent prejudices.

    I repeat that I expect that the availability of drummers to brass bands, and the quality of such drummers, will improve when they are viewed not as an integral part of the band, rather than there alongside the band, but not of it.

    By the way, when I referred to what Bob Sherunkle had in mind being what is too often found, I meant his flippant dismissal of the idea that there is more to drums than assumed in favour of a shallow, ill-informed, divisive generalisation.
  4. I got a sentence rather mixed up in my last post. When editing, I left in the highlighted "not" in the following sentence completely:

    The "not" should not be included.
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    Who on earth do you think you are!!! Delightfully added to my ignore list!
  6. I'm someone who notices when supposed logic doesn't add up. Of course, you won't read that, because you run off with your ball when you are challenged.
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    I know DRW personally - he's one the least prejudiced MDs (or more correctly former MDs) in terms of brass band drumming I know, as he's played kit and tuned percussion several times over the years with one of the bands I currently stand in the middle of

    A decent percussion section undoubtedly adds something to a brass band, although I take on board DRWs comment that sometimes even "percussion driven" pieces can sound great (not sure about "Magical" but point taken) without. I also agree with you (assuming Ive got your correction correct!) that drummers and percussion are indeed an integral part of modern banding music and a poor drummer is potentially as much a liability (if not more so) than a poor 3rd cornet

    However I disagree with your comment " I quite frequently act as a cue to others in the band when I nail the dynamics, and I sometimes take cues from others when I let it slip." - its the responsibility of all to ensure their dynamics are consistent not only with markings but how the band plays them - but its the responsibility of the MD to control that I would suggest