Cootie Williams and the "Saxo-Trumpet"

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    Hi All:

    I’m writing a biography on Cootie Williams and came across the newspaper article below. Does anyone have any ideas or leads on what this instrument is or who was the manufacturer?


    The Pittsburgh Courier
    July 31, 1948

    ‘Saxo-Trumpet’ Cootie’s Idea
    CINCINNATI, Ohio – The growl trumpet star, Cootie Williams will probably go down in history for having given the music world its latest and newest instrument. Plaing an engagement at the Cotton Club here last Sunday, Cootie gave the first public demonstration on his new instrument, which he is tentatively labeling as a “saxo-trumpet.”

    The instrument, brainchild of Williams and an instrument manufacturer, has the full range of a trumpet, in addition to some of the tonal quality of the saxophone. The tone is achieved by a concealed reed and radical alteration in the shaping and lines of the normal trumpet.
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    Hi Steve
    I'd try a similar post on another forum

    Lots of Jazz historians there and knowledgeable people regarding instrument builds, in particular US makers

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    Thanks for the lead! I've recv'd a couple of responses already....
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    Try also trumpetmaster, I find its a little more open then trumpetherald, but it is horses for courses

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