Cool or Fool?

Discussion in 'Off-Topic Chat' started by Ruthless, Jul 20, 2006.

  1. Ruthless

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    My hubbie saw a bunch of Motorbikers last night on the motorway. They were all wearing t-shirts and shorts.

    Is this a sensible way of keeping cool in the heat or are they just being foolish?

    I'm not sure I would dare ride a bike without full leathers even in this weather but then bikes do scare me
  2. fulcherc

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    I thought exactly the same when I saw a young lady on the back of a bike with bare legs. They obviously don't feel they might fall off - it is not even worth thinking about the mess they would be in if the unthought of happened!! :(
  3. jenzi

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    They do this in America. They wear shorts and t-shirts whilst riding motorbikes. They don't even wear helmets as there is no law saying they should wear them. This is extremely dumb as the roads are not exactly in the best condition! Plus, they are all crazy!
  4. BbBill

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    Stupid stupid stupid!!

    If they think they look cool or try to stay cool, then they should deserve to fall off! I came off my bike a couple of times, once going round a roundabout, so quite slow, still put a hole in my gloves and my knee pad. The 2nd time was I went too fast round a corner and lost it, slid down the road about 50mph on my back and landed head first in a ditch! My leathers were a right mess, couldnt thank them enough tho, would hate to think if it was my bare skin.....

    Dont even think about not wearing leathers on a bike, your vunerable enough as it is on the a sexual health nurse would say, always wear plenty of protection!!!!!!
  5. ScaryFlugel

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    It just makes me wince - gravel-encrusted flesh.... Don't do it!
  6. Charmed

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    Mind you, you wouldn't get me on a motorbike even if I had 6 layers of leather on! :eek: I think they are the most dangerouse motor vehicles ever to be invented. Even scooters were banned in our house, to my kids' dismay! Too many mad drivers on the roads and motorcyclists are so vulnerable.
  7. Rapier

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    Cool. I rode a bike everyday (in London in the rush hours) for 30 years and only came off once. (I was stationary and some prat pulled out from a side road and cut the corner and went into me). I'd still ride without a helmet too if the law allowed.
  8. ekimmort

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    :frown: FOOL I Knew someone who only came off his bike once, He's dead now, did not wear his crash helmet
  9. FlugelD

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    Would you wear leathers on a pushbike? No? But going downhill, it's possible to do about 30 mph with little effort - same speed a motorbike would (;)) be travelling around town. (I recall almost fainting from the heat once, in slow-moving traffic, massively over-dressed in T-shirt, jeans and leather jacket)

    So, out on open roads, probably fool, but in town, cool.
  10. Rapier

    Rapier Supporting Member

    Hey, I knew someone killed crossing the road on a pedestrian crossing!! Best you stay on the pavement in case the risk is too great for you! I rode motorcycles and scooters for years before wearing a helmet became law. If you live every day in fear of what might happen then you'd never get out of bed!
  11. GingerMaestro

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    I know I am probably going to get shot down but I don't think it is the other motorists that are the problem when it comes to motorcycleists it is the riders themselves(Only a small minority) weaving in and out of traffic overtaking on blind bends etc

    They get all angry if you get too close to the back of them but it is fine for them to practcally sit on your rear bumper.

    Like I said not all bikers are like this but they are out there and if I saw one in his T-shirt fall off I think I would probably drive past and laugh.

    And yes I did used to ride a motor bike before anyone says "what do you know about riding a motor bike" etc

    So I don't think it is the other drivers that make them Valnerable they put themselves in that situation
  12. Darth_Tuba

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    You're right, next time I go the pub I'm driving home after 10 pints with no seatbelt and no lights on. No point living in fear of what might happen... or, you could get your head out of your ****.
  13. Nat

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    FOOL my uncle had an accident on his bike- he crashed into a lorry and he lost his short term memory then later died from a heart attack(they not sure if its linked). my mums friend came off his bike on oil in the roundabout and he nearly died- but both of them were wearing full leathers and if they werent they would have been killed instantly, if you dont wear leathers you are asking for it
  14. Bungle

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    Possibly working on the theory if I am going to come off, I am going to die rather than survive as a cripple. When I used a motorbike, I always wore leathers and boots, even in summer, when you are moving they are not too hot anyway. Modern leathers are vented so there no excuse. One of the most dangerous road conditions is when it rains after a long dry spell, all the muck and dust makes the roads greasy. Strangely one of the most common bone breakages, so I have read, on a motorbike, is on the ankle, so I always wore boots.

    What annoys me most is riders of vintage bikes who think they have to wear vintage style tin-pot helmets. They're old enough to know better and shouldn't be so vain. Hardly ablesome 'weekend warriors' are just as bad. Can't blame the kids, if the adults aren't setting an example.
  15. Naomi McFadyen

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  16. Rapier

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    And you could stop being so arrogant, but I don't expect that'll happen any time soon.

    The point is that individual choice, within the law, is part of our lives. Rock Climbing, Caving, Parachuting, Bungee Jumping, playing Rugby all are a risk. You can choose to accept the risk or not. Same for leathers on motorcycles, wear them if you feel the need or not, as the mood, weather etc dictate. Given the choice I would still ride without a helmet, when the weather was suitable. A risk I would happily accept. I never owned any leathers, just waterproofs and cold weather gear. The fools are those that wear all the kit but ride at well over the speed limits or beyond their ability.
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  17. Darth_Tuba

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    So you're not being arrogant in thinking it's fine to ride around without a helmet on because you probably won't fall off? I probably don't need to wear any safety equipment in labs most days... but on the off chance something happens, I'd rather not lose my eye sight.
  18. Rapier

    Rapier Supporting Member

    Once the Law required me to wear a helmet, I did. And Yes I am saying it would be fine for me to ride a bike without wearing one, if the law permitted, if I chose to. Nothing arrogant or insulting about that. I don't drive my car expecting to crash everytime I go anywhere and I don't expect to fall off or crash any time I ride a bike. If I did I wouldn't use either.
  19. Darth_Tuba

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    This is a fair point, but not everyone has the same driving ability or care on the road as you. Do you lock your house when you go out? Why? It isn't going to get robbed every day. Do you have your instrument in a case? It would be fine most of the time without, it is only a precaution. So, are these material things more important than your own life should something happen? As you said before, the one time you did come off your bike wasn't anything to do with what you were doing. Surely for the time it takes (seconds?) to put on a helmet, it isn't really worth the risk.
  20. Rapier

    Rapier Supporting Member

    Come to think of it, I don't wear a helmet when I ride horses either, although everyone else does. Maybe I just like an element of danger, if I didn't I'd probably be a bass player too. ;)