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    Deep in East Northamptonshire something is stirring!

    A group of bandsmen are on a mission - to make Brass Cool! They are known as the "Brass Monkeys". Inspired whilst their womenfolk rehearse for BOOBS & BRASS they want to make a change - out with the old & in with the new.

    They are planning concerts with all popular music, well arranged, with lots of percussion & voice to raise lots of money for charity.

    Here are a few pieces for discussion:

    Herbie Fully Loaded
    Carnival de Paris (Dario G)
    The Lord of the Dance

    Any COOL pieces you would like to add??

  2. bennem

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    As long as you recognise the fine line between being cool and trying too hard and ending up a bit cheesy I applaud your effort.
  3. nuts of brass

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    Keep thinking "outside the box"
    Having recognised the monkeys nuts from original post,
    take it from me"cheese and brass monkeys " wont mix.:tup
  4. brassmonkeynut

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    So where does "cool" end and "cheese" start?

    And if the audience enjoys it and the players are having fun, does it matter? If "cheesey" music fills a concert hall is there a problem?

    Can you please recommend some well arranged popular music and say whether you consider it "cheese" or "cool"?

    One man's meat is another man's poison, so maybe it's the same with "cheese" & "cool"!
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  6. brassmonkeynut

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    Yes, but it's not quite what I'm looking for - but thanks for the suggestion anyway.:clap:

    I really want your opinions as to pieces that can either come across as cheese or cool - a fine dividing line. I suppose it's all a matter of individual taste, but I need to get a "popular" programme together which will hopefully inspire audiences to come to more concerts!