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  1. Accidental

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    I'm looking for info (in English :? ) about contests in Belgium/Holland/France etc but not getting very far - can anyone help please?

    I've got some stuff about the French Open, but thats about it so far.
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    that look s like fun I say looks like because I can't read Dutch!!!!!!!!
    Any info in English???????
  4. Steve

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    The French Nationals is a great contest in a beauuutiifulll area of France. Having been for the last 4/5 years I can strongly recommend it. Try contacting Glyn Williams at Fred Rhodes as the event is sponsored by Courtois. Alternatively Thoresby went last year, Youth Brass 2000 always go and I am sure one of them would give you the info. Hope that helps.

    Basic Layout is march up to the castle playing (suprisingly) a march and then play contest march of your choice. Do the indoor contest which is either own choice or own choice and one of a set list of pieces and then an open air concert. There are also no registry rules so you can take non band members should you so desire.
  5. Accidental

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    Still haven't managed to find info on any apart from the French Open (done that one before!) If anyone on here has done contests in some different countries, or at least looked into them, please help!
  6. Jan H

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    One of the biggest contests in Europe is the 4-yearly "World Music Contest" in Kerkrade (Netherlands). There are competitions for wind bands, fanfare bands (like my own band) and british-style brass bands and also show- and marching bands. The next contest is next year in July.

    During the contest next year the organisers in Kerkrade are hoping to set up an official "World Championship" for brass bands, in cooperation with the EBBA.

    Information is available on
    The website should be updated soon, when the enrollments for 2005 will start.

    my band is going to participate in the "concert division" for fanfare bands (if you don't know what that is, check out our website, there is a small english explanation :) ) en we are very much looking forward to it!
  7. Jan H

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    The Carlton Main Frickley Colliery Band is paticipating in the Drachten contest this year I think. Maybe you can get some information from them.

    It's indeed a pitty that the website is only in Dutch (for me it's not a problem, but for a lot of other people it is, I presume :) )
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    Swiss national

    The Swiss nationals is in the beautiful "Auditorium Stravinsky". There are for the championship section a free piece and a contest piece (these year "Contest Music" of Heaton) (go to visit

    We have too the "Swiss Open" in KKL of Luzern. The test piece for these year is a classical arrangement (Jupiter, Forza del Delstino, Carnaval Romain, ...).¨

    Grégory Neuhaus of "Brass Band Fribourg"
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    Thanks for the help guys... keep it coming! :D
  10. eckyboy

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    Echo our swiss friends comment--it is the best place I've played in.I went with Kingdom Brass last year--I'm sure they subsidise the bands quite substantially too.Kingdom arent going this year so may be a place open.
  11. Accidental

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    Anyone know anything about contests in Belgium?
  12. PeterBale

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    I vaguely remember one a while back held at Waterloo - won by a band from Wellington, I think :oops:
  13. tsawyer

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    Re: Swiss national

    Rothwell Temperance are going to the Swiss Open again this year, we last went in 2000.

  14. LU-Brasser

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    Re: Swiss national

    Good luck! See you in Lucerne.. We play an Outdoor concert with Lucerne B-Band on saturday...
  15. tsawyer

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    Re: Swiss national

    Near the hall?

  16. LU-Brasser

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    Re: Swiss national

    Yes, Its on the place (Europeplace) before the hall, it will be a live radio concert...
  17. tsawyer

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    We'll probably be around there somewhere if we're not playing...

  18. Jan H

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    I don't know of any brass band competition in Belgium, except for the Belgian Nationals. The Brass band tradition is quite young in Belgium. There are several contests for wind and fanfare bands, maybe these competitions are open to brass bands as well (if you are really interested, I could look for some contacts about this).
    Most Belgian brass bands go abroad when they want an extra challenge. I know Blegian bands that have gone to the Eurobrass contest in Holland, The French Open, or the SCABA contests in Crawley. Also the World Music Contest in Kerkrade (Holland) is very populara nd it's only just across the border.
    Recently there have been rumours about a new entertainment contest for brass bands that would be organised next year. But I don't know the details about this.