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  1. Anyone know of any good contests held in the Birmingham area? We're looking to venture a little further in contests and I have the pleasure of hunting down some good contests a little further a field as well as close to home. Being in the first section this year means the band have a little more flexibility. Ian did mention a contest in Birmingham but knows very little about it so if anyone out there can think of any good ones can you let me know the month and roughly what time of the month the contest falls (i.e. beginning, middle or end) and whether the prize money is generally any good. Needs to be worthwhile with the travelling!

    Thanking you muchly! :biggrin:
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    You could try playing at Leamington it is the local West Midlands Brass Band Association contest. It takes Place on the 27th of November this year at the Spa Theatre. As for the prize money I have no idea.
  3. Di

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    If you don't mind travelling, there's always the Wychavon contest, being held on 2nd October this year at Pershore High School. Prize money very good. We won the 2nd section last year and scooped £2,000. Excellent entertainment contest with individual prizes for soloists and some sections.
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    Woodfalls did Leamington a couple of years ago. It was alright except that the theatre missed a wonderful opportunity to cash in on the contest by not opening the bar!! Can you believe it???!!! nevermind, the pub across the square seemed to do quite well out of it.
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    Might find that the bar normally closes just as first section starts eery year...just around when the trade stand (not stands ;) ) goes home

    TBH (and I will probably get hauled over the coals on this from the association) I wouldn't recommend Leamington :rolleyes:
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    It is a contest that many say could do with updating and improving, but we have to be fair and offer our support to the association (If they want it) to look at changing some aspects of this contest perhaps? I'm up for it... what about you backrowbloke?
    As a band we have um'd and arh'd about attending on many occasions over the past few years but we have still gone.
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