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  1. Al

    Al Member

    I realise that this will be different depending on a band's circumstances, but when going to a contest how much of the cost of coach - and hotel if necessary - is paid out of band funds and how much from members.

    I would imagine higher section bands it is all paid for from band funds and sometimes lower section bands the members will contribute most if not all, but of course some lower section bands can be quite well off financially.

    I just wondered.

    What is your band policy?.
  2. Al

    Al Member

    No replies !

    Perhaps I could ask how much should a band member be expected to pay for accommodation and travel to contests.

    My own situation:

    The band is my main hobby and it takes up a lot of my time. We are busy throughout the year. There is no subscription. The rewards are many and there are none whatsoever financially, even during the very busy Christmas period (I don't expect financial reward either). The band owns my instrument and uniform and provides everything I need for my hobby.

    I am more than happy to pay my way at contests but some of us simply can't always afford it. The coach is paid for out of band funds and maybe some of the hotel.

    Any comments?
  3. The Wherryman

    The Wherryman Active Member

    Al, I'm not too sure what you are expecting. I think there are basically three possible answers:
    1. The band pays all expenses;
    2. The band subsidises some of the expenses, ;
    3. The members all pay for themselves.

    No. 2 can be sub-divided into 'the band pays for transport and members pay their own accomodation costs', or any permutation you can think of. In Options 2 and 3, in the case of genuine hardship, it would entirely be down to the members what line they wished to take. If they are not prepared to assist in these cases, it might be the difference between competing or not competing.

    My own band has used No.1 or No.2, depending on the state of our finances at the time. I don't think we have ever used Option 3.

    As for how much a band member should be asked to pay, if the band pays for everything, then that is the members' money that they have worked for over the previous year(s), so they are paying anyway. If the band hasn't accumulated sufficient funds and the members want to compete, they would have to make good any shortfall.

    I don't think it is unreasonable for deputies to have their travel and hotel costs paid for them.
  4. TubaPete

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    I'm a little out of touch at the moment but my experience as a player in 3 good but unsponsored bands (BTM, Point of Ayr and Pennine) was:

    Coaches: normally paid for by the band - but often only used when the contest was too far (or not practical) for players to travel to by sharing cars. In one band, the supporters took stock for a small 'tuck shop' on the bus and the profit from that subsidised the cost of the bus.

    Hotels: usually paid for by the players but with a contribution from the band if there were funds and it was a significant thing. In all cases we knew about the cost well in advance and a committee member made it their responsibility to have a quiet word with people they thought were on low incomes to make it clear that support was available if needed. One band started a savings fund (with a spearate bank account) the week after the Areas the first time it qualified for London - thus giving people 6 months to pay their hotel costs in installments.

    I hope this makes sense and is useful.

  5. Al

    Al Member

    Yes it does help, thanks a lot for the replies.

    I suppose it all depends on a band's circumstances and the rest is up to the committee to sort priorities.
  6. DublinBass

    DublinBass Supporting Member

    near Dublin
    For the bands I have played for
    1) one band
    2) registration and coach covered by band (accommodations covered individually) - two bands
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