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    Following the National Youth Championships last Sunday, are there any more contests for youth bands. We regulary compete at the North Wales open contest in November, but I was wondering are there any more where it's an open contest.

    Would appreciate some response.


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    There's a really good one anually in Gwent. It wasn't held this year, but I assume it will be on again next year. It's usually got 3 sections and is a great contest to attend. It was held in Cross Keys (near Newport) until last year, but the hall has been knocked down now so not sure where it will be held in future. It was originally started for local Youth Bands but it accepts applications from bands all over the country, subject to places available. It's definitely one worth considering, depending on how far away you are!!
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    Blackpool Action Research Entertainment
    - these were the two others we used to compete in when i played in youth band
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    Might be a bit too far to travel, but Brass in the Park in Newtongrange is a well run contest that we have enjoyed for the past 2 years, despite the weather! We are intending to enter again this year at under 16 level (16 or under on 1st January 2011). The other age groups work in the same way as per the Scottish Youth Championships, from under 14 right through to under 21 I think.
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    What is good with the North Wales open is that there is two categories. Which is A for youth bands with eperience and a bit older, and then there's the B Section for youth bands with a bit less experience and a bit younger. This is the type of format I'm looking for again. Our youth band is grade 3-4. We are located in North Wales. ~I'm just looking for a contest with the above system, so that we could compete and get a bit more experience for the youngsters.

    Thanks for the suggestions so far.
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    By the way at the moment in the North Wales open we are in the B section, if this helps.
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    Music for Youth is a good competition for youth bands. Categories in brass band for school, music centre and open. There's a regional qualifier and the finals are at Symphony Hall Birmingham, fantastic place to play.

    Also youth bands can usually enter the open section of entertainment contests.