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  1. rutribal

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    Whilst I am aware that there are open contests held in France and also in Switzerland, I was wondering if any bandspeople out there know of any other open contests in other european countries.

    Additionally, does anyone know where I might be able to find out details regarding these contests?

    Many thanks in advance.
  2. bassmittens

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    There is a contest in Melliha in Malta each year (i think 4br have an article on it).

    I think South Yorkshire Police went last year. It's round about Easter time i think!!
  3. Jan H

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    In Holland, there is Eurobrass Drachten ( - seems to be in Dutch only, but you can contact them by E-mail) and once every for years the World Music Contest in Kerkrade ( ). Maybe there are some other smaller contests as well.

    There are some contests in Norway as well, because I made a news report about one a couple of weeks ago
    here's the link:

    Last year, a Flemish Open was organised for the first time, but I haven't heard anything about it this year, so I don't hink there will be 2nd edition this year :frown: A youth band could take part in the European Youth Music Festival in Neerpelt (B), which is held every two years. It's a great event and the definition of "youth band" is more flexible then in Britain (I think it's upto 25 years, with even 1 or 2 older players allowed) Their website is
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  4. nickjones

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    I think the Knall festival in Norway is open we played at the Gala Concert there last year
    am sure the Grenland festival in Norway has had entries from Denmark and Sweden , also am sure it's open.
    try the norway band association they might be able to help.
  5. Jan H

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    I think so too. Dutch bands have also participated in the past
  6. DublinBass

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    If you don't mind traveling a bit further...the is the US Open in Novemeber and the North American Brass Band Championships in April both of which have had bands from elsewhere in the world compete.
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    Someone suggested a contest in Malta at Easter time. Well, that is not a contest in itself. It's a festival. No competition. But I assure it will be good experience and good fun. If Easter time does not seem a good idea for you why not opting to come in summer. There will be more to see and to experience, like more sun, swimming, and our Maltese traditional Festas (more Festivals !!). We invite you to come for ours between 9th and 15th August. Interested? Do not hesitate to contact me on email

    Alfred Galea
    King George V Band
    Mqabba, Malta.

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  8. rutribal

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    Many thanks to everyone who has replied, certainly gives me a number of opportunities to look into. I had hoped that there was a Belgian Open as the opportunity to sample some fine beers as well as getting a contest in would have been too good an opportunity to miss.
  9. trm

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    I don't know wether this competition is open to brass bands from abroad and I'm not able to discern this from from their website. This is the "Siddis Brass" competition held annualy in Stavanger Norway.

    You should be able to contact the people in charge at this adress:

    Just post an e-mail att: Reidar Værnes. I'm afraid the scheduled date for entering the competition is past, but send a message and the worst thing they can do is to say no. And there's always next year...if, as I mentioned, they do admit foreigners at all... ??:) !!!
    For their website (in norwegian) try this:
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    Simon, there is of course the Upper Cwmtwrch open in South Wales. A definitely open competition in all senses of the terms! Open in a field, open adjudication and ritual stonings after and who can forget the open and kindly welcome of the local people.

    How can anyone forget the Moldavian Open, it has open tribal dancers accompanying the band in Firebird-esque style....watching them made me feel a bit was the strange water they gave me...

    There's the British Open but I wouldn't recommend that one ;-)

    *apologies to those who live in the Upper Cwmtwrch area*
  11. brass journo

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    loads and loads and generally they are a lot easier to handle than contests over here!

    To suffice your beer drinking there is a flemish open in 2008, French Open, Swiss Open, Siddis (Norway), US Open, New Zealand BB Champs, Australian Nationals, and loads more.

    now go back to teaching!
  12. Jan H

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  13. rutribal

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    Cheers Tabbs, although now I've switched bands not sure if Pem are interested in competing abroad yet.

    Undecided about the teaching at the moment - gone back to IT which is a lot easier and has given me more of my time back.

    Are Co-Op at Spring Festival this year?
  14. Simon, the band are looking to go abroad at some point. Mainly looking at French Open 2008 - anyone with any info please let me know as it would be greatly appreciated!! :D