Contesting promotion and relegation

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    I have just thought the band I play for at the area contest in the northwest has been demoted from 1st section to 2nd section come January 1st 2017. I must state I have no axe to grind about being demoted on the three year scoring rule but why does the band have to wait 11 months to be demoted and have to continue contesting till 2017 in the 1st section. Why cannot bands be regraded after all the areas have finished. By being demoted to 2nd section the band I play for is deemed to be not good enough to play in 1st section so why must it continue to do so for the rest of the year
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    Real good question. Hope someone has the official answer. If I were to hazard a guess, I would say the 12 month time lag is because the gradings are only there for the areas and nationals. Other competition organisers choose to use the national gradings in the meantime.
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    By the same logic you should have promotions straight after the areas too but then how do you sort out the national finals where promotion is also available for the winning band?

    Not a perfect system whatsoever but everyone knows what's happening... what would you propose as an alternative?

    It's a bit like football, at the start of the season everybody knew Leicester were going to get relegated... oh hang on...
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    The Regional results affect promotions as well as relegations, so the gradings can't change until after the National Finals.

    I would assume the logic for waiting until 1st Jan instead of re-grading everyone in mid-October is simply one of tidiness for admin- you might as well wait another 6 weeks or so until the start of a new year/new contest season.

    And tbh I've seen a lot more bands wanting to hang onto their higher section status for as long as possible over the years, than wanting to go down a section straight away!
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    the question was a matter of curiosity not wanting to change a system or criticism of it was just wanting to know the reason why January 1st for promotion or relegation and just specific to my bands circumstances. Many thanks for the replays
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    How would you enter contests later in the year if you don't know what section you will be in?

    January 1st makes sense.