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  1. iancwilx

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    Excluding Top Section and well sponsored Bands:-
    - How does your band afford to travel to contests, especially considering the transportation of timps/percussion etc .?
    1) Coach - how do you pay for it ?
    2) Massed Cars. (? Percussion)
    3) Massed Cars with someone towing a trailer for timps etc.

    If it's by coach, does the money come from gigs/Band fund, or do you all chip in with a few bob ?
    It would be interesting to know how individual bands address this major expense.
    (And, of course, overnight stays where necessary.)
  2. HBB

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    We generally have members pay a fee, and subsidise the rest by fundraising/engagements, etc.
  3. DublinBass

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    For the two contests we did...

    ...we hired a coach for the first one (everybody chipped in a tener and the rest of the money came from band funds - I think)

    For the second one we drove separately, percussion was provided at the contest so we split the big stuff between the two minvans owned by band members.
  4. WoodenFlugel

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    With us it depends on the contest, and the distance travelled...

    Generally though we tend to go in cars, and load the cars up with kit as neccessary. The last time we did the Wilkinsons contest we had a coach (we're in Leicester, the contest is in St Helens) - which the members paid for wholly by bus fares, although this is only really possible if:

    1. The vast majority of the band uses the coach (plus any supporters you may have).
    2. You can find a friendly coach company who don't charge the earth.
  5. michellegarbutt

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    It all depends how far and how many people want a bus. Local contests everyone makes their own way although a few members will often club together and put on a mini bus. We do put a coach on for contests further away. If the band has enough money in the bank it's free. If we're running short or we know we have a lot of expense coming up we do charge a fee. Non band members are always asked if they would like to make a donation to band funds
  6. Brassb3ll3nd

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    Like most Bands we aren't sponsored so we usually travel to local contests under our own steam, no one gets paid expenses but we do hire a van for percussion and other kitchen equipment.

    When we do get a bus for contests further afield we all club in to recoup the costs, and usually have booze raffles or play bingo on the journey to help pay for it. Its a good laugh just listening to Tim Oldroyd calling out the numbers!
  7. mikelyons

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    It's generally a mixture of contributions form players and band fuinds. We have no sponsorship as such and no other income except concerts.

    And there's thousands of pounds worth of stuff across the NW that's sitting ****** idle that was paid for out of lottery funding.....

    :grr: :grr:

    (Sorry, the whiskey talking)
  8. backrowbloke

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    Generally, we travel by cars..but we are lucky at the moment that one member has a large van that we can transport stuff in.

    Would be great to travel by bus, but we find that at the majority of contests - even if you win, the prize monies do not even come close to covering the cost of travel...take a look at some of the previous threads. re why bands are not attending local contests any more.

    For example (& I'm not taking a knock at the WMBBA here) the Leamington contest offered £150 first prize...that just covered MD fees for the contest.

    For the nationals, we did take a bus and had a hotel for the weekend - and each playing member had to pay £100, supporters around £150 - and this was after being subsidesed by the band.

    The cost and effort to attend a contest is one of the main reasons we do not attend many - far better we think to put the effort into self promoted concerts where a) you can get a near capacity and appreciative audience rather than 1 man and his dog b) the revenue keeps the band going.
  9. Craigsav83

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    We are quite fortunate in that there are 2 contests in Dunfermline, and the rest are within an hour's drive. The only contest we hire a bus for is the Scottish, with exception of the nationals last year (where all members paid a contribution of £60, which included travel, hotels and new uniforms).

    But looking at the prize money for the majority of contests these days, even if you win something you are still running at a loss.
  10. BbBill

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    As we stay the night before contests and all go by bus, its roughly £30 a head usually (£50 when we do 2 nights at Brass in the Park) and band funds cover the rest.

    Years ago we used to stay in Polmont Community Centre and just kipped down on the floor with mats and sleeping bags, costed a tenner. We've gone up in the world now and stay in hotels, can usually get a good discount for the big booking, beats sleeping on the floor!!
  11. costs

    with the Halifax BBGB Band we have subs over the year around £30 per person which helps to go towards transport.
    We have a Van we get fromLightcliff motors Halifax for free because we know some one who works there, we just pay for fuel.

    in the 18th Halifax BB Band I charge my lads about £7 for the bus fair, and usually include some tea in that, and it usuallty works out ok

  12. stopher

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    This is a big gripe of North Walian bands who travel to the Area down in Swansea!!!

    I know with my band, we have to travel down the night before and stay over and leave virtually straight after the results due to the journey of around 200 miles taking around 5 hours (if you don;t get stuck behind a tractor in Mid Wales!)

    Basically, the band has to find £600 for the coach and then pays another £1000 for the hotel - the players do make a contribution of £15 if they are under 18 and £25 if they are over but basically the money we make at Christmas just about covers this one contest so as a rule, for the others we do, we usually go by car as they are fairly close.

    Don;t know of many other areas where you have to spend so long travelling and pay so much just to compete but can;t really blame the Welsh Area organisers -
    North Wales bands moan about having to travel to Swansea every year but half of them didn't compete this year in the North Wales competition which is within an hours travel for most bands so if they can't support the local competition, why should the area be changed to North/Mid Wales!

    Sorry, another can of woms opened but rant now over
  13. dyl

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    True Chris - but the date clash didn't exactly help this year did it?
  14. nickjones

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    Cant wait for the assembly to rubber stamp the North / South Wales air sevice..2 services a day from RAF Valley to Swansea and Cardiff , will cut costs and times down...wahooooo
  15. Chunky

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    We normally contribute £ 5 a head for the coach, the rest of the money comes from the Band Fund. It costs us around £ 400 for the coach to go to the area.
  16. stopher

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    Ok, St Helen's was the day after but the N.Wales was own choice so why not do both - one band did! Ok, I know a few bands had problems getting a full band out but you are allowed to borrow a few.

    Anyway, like Nick mentioned, could be getting a hell of a lot cheaper with the flights from Valley planned soon or at least the journey won;t take as long!
  17. dyl

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    I'm not talking about St. Helens here Chris - I was on about the decision to hold a Gwynedd & Anglesey Schools Band course on the same day - meaning we were a couple of players and a conductor down. I don't know which event 'booked' the date first, and I don't really care to be honest, the fact is this was the reason we couldn't compete. I can't speak for the other bands though.......................
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  18. stopher

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    I wsn't having a go at your band in particular Dyl - just pointing out something.
  19. dyl

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    .........same here mate!

    We'd better get back on-topic before we get told off! :rolleyes:
  20. nickjones

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    Get back on topic you tarts...we all agree it's a finacial nightmare to compete at the area , but we all have to do it , if there are cheaper , easier ways of doing it that will benifit all bands in the long term.