Contest Sabotage

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  1. Mesmerist

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    Lofthouse Brass Band 'bogus emails' reported to fraud team
    A "deliberate attempt" to sabotage a West Yorkshire brass band's progress in a renowned competition has been passed to a police fraud team.

    Lofthouse Brass Band was deemed to have used ineligible players after winning the Yorkshire Brass Band Championships fourth section.

    They were later exonerated as a bogus email account had been used to remove some registered players.

    The national fraud and cyber crime centre Action Fraud has been informed.

    The Wakefield-based band, conducted by Andrew Whitaker, won the title at St George's Hall in Bradford on 5 March and qualified for the National Brass Band Championships of Great Britain.

    The Yorkshire Brass Band Championships confirmed emails were sent in Mr Whitaker's name ahead of the competition removing several key players from the registration list.

    A full list of band performers has to be registered two weeks ahead of the contest.

    Mr Whitaker said further emails were sent in his name after the competition to rival bands telling them the band "had won with ineligible players".

    'I was gutted'
    He said: "I don't think anyone in the brass band community has experienced this before.

    "On contest day at registry, they checked our players against a list and found three on there that we didn't have registered.

    "We went on stage knowing there may be a chance we would be disqualified."

    He added: "I was gutted, it took a bit of the shine off the win because we had to prove we knew nothing a
    Peggy Tomlinson, secretary of the Yorkshire Brass Band Championships, said: "We thoroughly investigated and the band have been fully exonerated, the result of the contest stands.

    "It's quite unbelievable that somebody would go to such lengths and do this to a band.

    "It must be someone within the brass band movement, it's just so sad."

    She added further security measures will now be put in place within the band registry process.

    Lofthouse Brass Band said: "This is now a police matter and has been passed onto their Action Fraud team."

    Comments anyone?
  2. midlandman

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    As this is a police matter I will be careful with what I say. Should this prove to deliberate, malicious and fraudulent then I hope both the police and the registry take action. As a movement we, if proven, should ban those involved. How I am not sure, others will know better than I. If people are willing to go to such lengths then one must question the morals and honesty of such people. It's a sad day for banding when this becomes national news.
  3. Ianroberts

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    Eeee bye eck its all appens oop T'north ! I wonder if it was a disgruntled ex player ? will all come out in the wash soon.
  4. Mesmerist

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    Teenager perhaps? I can't imagine it was a proper Band Committee coming up with a plan like this. I also hope that whichever Band is connected with the fraudster that their probable innocence is respected and they are not "hung, drawn and quartered" as an example to everyone else.
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  5. Leveridge96

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    It's really sad to see things like this happen and make the national news too. Hope that it is all solved and something like this dosen't happen again
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  6. Sydney Fowlcoup

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    A little unfair to blame the young, lets wait and see, and in my considerable experience of band committees there's very little some would not stoop to.
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  7. John Brooks

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    I agree it's unfair to blame the young but I think it's equally unfair to then go on and blame band committees (regardless of your experience). We really do need to sit back and, as you rightfully said, "wait and see".
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  8. tallyman

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    "Wait and see", my money is on a teenager.........
  9. Mesmerist

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    Peggy is an experienced lady. I wonder if it occurred to her it was somewhat strange for a band to dump players (and I'm guessing not replace them?) so close to the Area contest. I know its madness beforehand but usually it is a desperate bid to sign players on rather than empty the band before the day. Easy to say with hindsight as this is a novel method of sabotage. Why I think it is a younger person is because of the sheer cheek and daring! Wonder if it is a TMP member...
  10. Ianroberts

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    Do ya think it could possibly be those adjudicators from the midlands area ?

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  11. Mesmerist

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    Behave Ian!
  12. Ianroberts

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    Well as long as you're sure !

  13. Mesmerist

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    There's a rehearsal tonight Ian. That should keep you out of mischief for the evening. :D
  14. Ianroberts

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    mischief ? me ? Never ! ask anyone.

  15. Matthew

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    Of course it is! :rolleyes:

    Very sad indeed someone would stoop to such low levels...:(
  16. Ianroberts

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    Sorry, but I have looked through all the posts on this thread and for the life of me I cant see why you feel you need to mention the lady named "Peggy" again ? I assume she works for the registry, but why would you bring her name into this mess ?
  17. PeterBale

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    As Peggy Tomlinson is the secretary of the Yorkshire Brass Band Championships it is only natural that she should be referred to, as she was in the opening post of the thread.
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  18. Ianroberts

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    but it was a bit accusational (maybe not meant that way) don't you think ? Im sure the lady feels awkward enough about the situation.
  19. LynneW

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    Mesmerist, have you every been involved in organising and running a brass band contest, particularly at this level. There is so much to think about that with about 60 bands in total entered in the Yorkshire area contest this year, there is no way that you can expect Peggy, or anybody else, to check each band's registration list and see what date each player's registration was cancelled etc. Even if anybody had time to look at each band's list it's unlikely that you would think anything might be wrong unless there were very few players currently listed (ie less than 20 or so)
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  20. simonbassbone

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    Unfortunately this is another example of why the current registration system is rubbish. Get rid of registration and replace with a simpler and less administrative system.
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