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    Hi all,

    I am after a historical list of all winners (and the test pieces played) of the National Finals Championship Section, plus the Manchester contest in Belle Vue (before my time!), from 1975 to present day.

    What I plan to do once complete, is attempt to get a recording of these performances. I believe that each band in their day recorded a record with their winning performance on it. If anybody has these old recordings, albeit on Record, Tape or CD, please let me know.

    Richard Hughes,
    Aldbourne Band
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    Go to for a very comprehensive listing: look in Events, then Championships & scroll down to the Brass Band Championships Roll of Honour
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    MY old man got the recordings, put them on tape and had an index. When we moved house some years ago they all got lost / binned. I'm hoping to knock up a new collection for him for a Christmas Pressie as he's now in the States, and misses brass band music (bless him! lol). I've already pointed him towards the streaming stations on etc.

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