Contest March 'ORB' - Anderson - Any info?

Discussion in 'The Rehearsal Room' started by floppymute, Nov 13, 2007.

  1. floppymute

    floppymute Member

    Do any of you brass band historians out there have any info on the composer of this contest march?
    I'm particulary looking for the composer's first name and his dates please.
  2. hellyfrost

    hellyfrost Member

    I've no info on the composer, but I seem to remember another thread on here where someone was asking what it stands for and I think it's Oldham Rifle Brigade
    Sorry mods!
  3. floppymute

    floppymute Member

    It is indeed 'Oldham Rifle Brigade' thanks. The march itself is well known but the composer seems a mystery.
  4. hellyfrost

    hellyfrost Member

    First name was Charles, more to follow if I can find it :)
  5. Dago

    Dago Member

    Not sure about the composer but check out if it's one of Rimmers pen names????
  6. ian perks

    ian perks Active Member

    Charles Anderson
    Its on the Black Dyke CD
    Great British Marches conducted by Jim Watson
    on the Doyen Label

    Hope this helps
  7. floppymute

    floppymute Member

    First I've heard about Rimmer using pen names. Do you have any more info on this please? I'd be interested to know.
    Thanks to everyone for the info so far.
    If Charles Anderson was indeed a 'real' person, does anyone know his dates?
  8. Dago

    Dago Member

    Somewhere I have a list of all his aliases - theres about 10 of them. I seem to remember that Damare was one (composer of 'Cleopatra') but cant remember if Anderson was definitely one of them. You could ask Wright & Round as Rimmer composed lots for them. I think ORB was published by an independent company so his real identity may be difficult to check. The only person who may know is Walter Ainscough at Leyland?
  9. timbo100

    timbo100 New Member

    Charles Anderson conducted the Oldham Rifles Brigade Band and dedicated the march to them. He lived on Fern (?) Street in Oldham. Thanks to Walter Ainscough for the information (straight out of his head, no need to look it up. I'm impressed.) He also mentioned that more information may be found in a book on marches by Roy Newsome. Hope this helps.
  10. floppymute

    floppymute Member

    It certainly does! Many thanks to all who have responded.
  11. ChrisHelme

    ChrisHelme Member

    I did have a photograph of Charles Anderson as a trombone player.....No further information.

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