Contest Invites - Fair or Political?

Discussion in 'The Rehearsal Room' started by Sabrina_2, Nov 6, 2006.

  1. Sabrina_2

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    Now I know that for a lot of the top contests, especially those that offer big prize money, it can improve the attendance at contests to have a band with a 'name' entering. I accept that. But is it fair to invite a band to a contest over and above other bands just because they are a 'famous name'?

    What am I talking about I hear you ask? Well............... :mad:

    I will not name names, as I don't believe in getting personal about bands but - A band that I know quite well, applied early in the year to attend the 2007 Butlins Mineworkers Championships. Unfortunately they were unable to attend the 2006 contest and because of this they were told that they would not be invited, the 'rules' this contest sticks to for inviting bands is "we only invite the bands that attended the year before and will only invite other bands if any of the invited bands decide not to accept their invitation". Now I don't necessarily agree with this 'rule' but fair do's, if that's the rule then that's the rule.

    So why then, have I just heard that another band, same section, same area, who has NEVER competed in this contest, has now received an invitation to attend. AND this band has no connection to Mineworkers? Could it be that they are a 'previous' 'top' band who still have a 'name'?

    Fairness or Politics - is this the way banding is now?????
  2. Adrian Horn

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    Or it could be that an invited band has not accepted an invitation so the contest has applied its rules and invited another band who maybe haven't competed before. Which is a good thing for the contest as it gets other bands interested in the competition without neccesarily breaking their own rules.
  3. BigHorn

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    ^^ what he says ^^
    Perhaps this band got their application in earlier than yours and took an available spare place.
  4. Deano

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    If I remember correctly, Brian Eggleshaw keeps a reserve list and if a band that competed last year declines the invite he invites the next band on the list in order that he received their application to reserve list. I think thats how he explained it to me a few weeks ago.