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  1. DublinBass

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    I was just wondering what different types of contest formats there are and what the favorite preference amongs tMPers appears to be. (I am especially curious about the formats of entertainment contests and March and Hymn Contests)

    I have seen what one might call a traditional contest format (Harrogate, Albert Hall, the former Open) which includes a random draw the day of and 1 required test piece for everybody.

    The "new" Open is a random draw the day of followed by one of three required test pieces.

    Right now WGC is preparing for Folkestone which is a random draw the day of and every bad plays a hymn setting and a test piece of their choice.

    In the States (for the NABBA Championships) there was a random draw ahead of time (so there was a set schedule when each band would play) and a 30 or so minute progaram with a required test piece and the rest being own choice.

    Right Now I think I like either the "new" Open format or the Folkestone format. Short and with variety...that being said I still have many more contests and formats to participate in / view.
  2. Accidental

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    Different formats I can think of....

    1 Set test piece (eg. Nationals, Pontins)

    2 Own Choice test piece (most local/association contests)
    Own choice + hymn (eg. Folkestone)
    Own choice + march (eg. Hove)

    3 Set test piece + own choice (eg. Europeans & Norwegian Nationals)

    4 Choice of piece(s) from a shortlist (eg. French open and this year's Open)

    5 Entertainments: usually a 20-30 minute programme with solo
    Either a totally own choice programme, presented as a mini concert (eg. Crawley); own choice with one set piece, all pre-announced & no interaction with the audience (eg. Milton Keynes); or somewhere in between!

    Test piece contests are usually closed adjudication (the only exception I know of is Leicester) and Entertainments contests are usually open.

    As far as I know all contests in the uk are done on random draw, and they never seem to be done in advance. Sometimes if theres a big entry the bands will be split into 2 draws though.

    Hope some of that made sense - I think I was explaining it better yesterday in the bar!! :guiness
  3. Jan H

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    The contest in Kerkrade (NL) (next year's edition is supposed to be the "world championschip") is set up with 1 set test piece + an own choice program of about 45 minutes. This can include a test piece, solo pieces, a hymn, ... but the total should be a "concert program". So just playing 2 test pieces is not sufficient, you also get points for program choice
  4. Rebel Tuba

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    Not quite right

    Wychavon and the Wessex Annual contests, to name but two, are pre-drawn weeks before the actual contest day ......

    .... and what a poxy idea the pre-draw is !!!!!!!!!:x
  5. DublinBass

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    It appears Pontins is a predraw as well.

    Having just played Folkestone yesterday I wish I had more to add about which type of contest I like best. All I found out is that trying to compete in a contest and sit down and enjoy other bands as well is near impossible because I either your waiting around forever, or knackered from waiting around forever earlier. Not being able to plan meal time for a contest that runs (or was supposed to run) from 4:00pm on is difficult.

    Loads of different formats it appears and I really appreicate the reponses so far. Which do you all like best...or if you had to design an ieal contest format what would it be.

    It sounds like predraw with a proper timetable is a good idea. Which is better 1 set piece, 1 set & 1 choice, 2 choices??
  6. tubafran

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    Good question Pat please see the attached thread in which I asked the same question as Killamarsh are organising an own choice entertainments contest next year.

    Needless to say having asked the question didn't get much response. One band did however suggest that Sunday would be a better day for the contest and on the strength of another thread we have concurred with this and will change the day to Sunday 19th June 2005.

    As regards the pre-draw we will have a draw on the day primarily to get banders there early to make use of the centre facilites - tea, coffee, food and beer. Whilst from a bands point of view it's probably better to have the pre-draw to coordinate travel, rehearsal arrangments these events need to cover costs and this is one way of doing it.
  7. Syrup

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    If there was a contest for playing whilst p*ssed, the YABB tour band would probably win it every time!!
  8. fitzy

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    Our nationals is held over 2 days. It is pre-drawn about a month in advance :rolleyes:. The first day consists of a Hymn (Own choice) and the set Test Piece. (Ours next year at Easter is "Tristan Encounters"). The second day consists of a street march (Own Choice and doesn't contribute to the results of the contest), an Own Choice Major work and a stage march (Again own choice but is a street march due to the strange rules we have here!)

    The points for each are:
    Set Test- 100
    Own Choice- 100
    Hymn- 50
    March- 50

    Total- 300

    There have been a few occasions in recent times where a band has not won a single section and still won the contest.

    NZ has a similar format but they dont have a stage march.
  9. DublinBass

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    I've been thinking about this for a bit now. What is there was a march contest in which while in the registration room the band was required to finich 2 cases of lager. 48 cans, 25 players, 3 - 4 minutes?
  10. lynchie

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    i'd fnish that on my own,.. you'be got to make it a challenge!!!