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  1. Is there going to be a DVD from this years? I'm not sure if it's something done as I had never been to a contest before this one.

    Which bands take on the trombone slide near the end did everyone like best?

    I enjoyed YBS's end the best. I thought the band whose trombones stood up showed some intiative , was it Leyland?

    I'm missing Eden already , I really enjoyed it , kind of weird listening to something so many times in a day. I think the last time i listened to something over 10 times is when i listened to Muse -Citizen Erased 10 timeson my hifi once.

    I'm so pleased I went on the basis of a preview of Eden ,it really was an enjoyable day. Some of the piece did have tiny bits which reminded you of something else which was great. I'm sure i felt a bit of Holy War feel in some of the solo bits and eric ball influences in the piece which is great.

    Roll on the next brass band contest ,I used to find brass band concerts hard work a few years ago but I am well and truly converted now. Roll on the next contest/festival. Ah yes Black Dyke Saturday hopefully :biggrin:

    Also big thanks to the RAH ,marvellous place for it and the stewards were great. Not only did they not stop me taking in my own food and drink (unlike in past at RAH) the bloke even managed to tell me what band number was on when i walked past awaiting my next band to see. A great day and only for 40 quid.

    The williams half hour was top class , what a talent.
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    There will not be a DVD of the Nationals. However, I noticed the Doyen van round the back of the RAH so guess that the contest was recorded as usual. I'm not sure if there will be a CD of the contest and gala concert this year. The last 2 years CDs have not been great sellers so if we don't think we can cover the production costs then we won't produce the CD.
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    Shame. What a brilliant Gala concert.
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    Just had a close look at our Recordings Schedule (I was at home when I made my earlier post in this thread) and it does list a Highlights from the Nationals 2005 CD after all.
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    Brilliant, be good to hear Eden again
    Do you have a track list/release date yet
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    EDEN - Highlights of the Besson National Brass Band Championship 2005

    Fanfare for a Dignified Occasion (Sir Arthur Bliss)
    The Band of Her Majesty's Royal Marines Fanfare Team

    Fanfare for the First Sea Lord (Sir Arthur Bliss)
    The Band of Her Majesty's Royal Marines Fanfare Team

    Jubilee Overture (Philip Sparke)
    Black Dyke Band

    Finale from Cornet Concerto (Elgar Howarth)
    Roger Webster (Cornet) with Black Dyke Band

    Overture of the Trojan Boat (Mnozil Brass)
    Mnozil Brass

    Die Leichte Kavallerie (Suppe arr. Mnozil Brass)
    Mnozil Brass

    Hora Staccato (Dinicu arr. Richards)
    Black Dyke Band

    Eden (John Pickard)
    Winning performance played by Leyland Band

    Heritage Fanfare (Philip Wilby)
    Black Dyke Band

    Nimrod (Elgar arr. Ball)
    Black Dyke Band

    Green Hornet (arr. Mnozil Brass)
    Mnozil Brass

    Calon Lan (Hughes arr. Ball)
    Glyn and Aled Williams (Euphoniums) with Aveley and Newham Band

    Soloist Showcase (arr. Fernie)
    Glyn Williams (Euphonium) with Aveley and Newham Band

    The Great Gate of Kiev (Mussorgsky arr. Howarth)
    Black Dyke Band

    Toccata in D Minor (J.S.Bach arr. Farr)
    Black Dyke Band

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