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  1. chris.neufeld

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    Does anyone have the contact details for Wright & Round. We have inherited a library, but upon checking some of the sets of Wright & Round music are missing parts, and I would like to get them replaced

    Thanks in advance
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    Don't know why I remembered this but:

    Wright and Round has recently moved offices, and the new contact details are as follows:
    Wright & Round Ltd
    Unit 14 Twigworth Court Business Centre
    Tewkesbury Road
    GL2 9PG

    The phone number and e-mail address will remain the same.

    Telephone: 01452 523438


    Hope that helps.
  4. chris.neufeld

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    Thanks for the contact details - have contacted them but they will only sell me the complete set and not individual parts for the piece in question
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    Odd. Their 2013 catalogue specifically states that spare parts are available for between £2 and £2.50 depending on size. Their policy would appear to have changed. I wonder why?
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    There are a few recent threads in which replacement part provision has been discussed. As I understand it some publishers do supply individual parts - though the costs can seem high for what you get - and some others will only supply a complete set. Faced with such mixed support some folk end up quietly 'finding' their lost parts and give up trying to 'do the right thing'.
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    Put up the name of the piece and the parts missing and maybe someone else local to you is in the same position as yourself and you could merge the sets to have at least one complete set. You could then have time share on the music.