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  1. Soppy

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    what do Adjudicators actually look for in Slow Melody Solo competitions? I'm astonished by the differences between adjudicators. If you play exactly the same at 2 contests, in 1 you might win, and in the other, with the other players being no better than they were at the last one, you come 10th out of 12!!! It seems ridiculous.

    I've had several local contests now, andonly once has the winner ever been who the majority of the audience thought it should be and who it clearly was (and last time that was me!! :roll: :? )!

    Just wondering

  2. HBB

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    It depends on what the adjudicator is looking for, whether it be dynamic contrast, technicality, or general musical abilty. For example, you may have had a lovely tone and brilliant musical abilty - but you're double tonguing may have let you down on the day - He's gonna pick up on that because the rest is blinding.

    THats what i think anyway :)
  3. Soppy

    Soppy Member

    Well, I was refering to slow melodies as I don't enter aire-varies atm, so double tounging isn't an issue. I see what you mean though, but even that doesn't cover some of it!

  4. HBB

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    Well, we've had our fair share of strange results - that make no sense- so lets just say it depends on the mood of the adjudicator :p:p
  5. Brian

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    Tone quality, Rhythmic detail,Intonation, Interpretation, Does what you play fit the words, does the music flow,How assured is the performance,etc..these are some of the things that most GOOD adjudicators look for..Look at your adjudicator, does he have the experience of the job, is he a good band trainer,maybe he's only just started adjudicating, we all have to start somewhere.Don't be downhearted, as in all contesting, take the rough with the smooth..Some you win some you don't..Brian
  6. Soppy

    Soppy Member

    Assurance of the performance? Is that like being confidant, not making mistakes and things?

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