Connacht Brass - A New Band for Ireland

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    Connacht Brass is the working name of a project launched today aimed at forming a new Band in the North West of the Republic of Ireland. It is envisaged the this new Band will be based in the town of Sligo.
    Players of all instruments who are interested in joining this enterprise are invited to request an 'Expression of Interest' form from or via our facebook page.
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    Best of luck with the venture! Let us know when you are up and running, and I will add you to the brass band map.

    Incidentally, your email address appears to be missing an 'h' above - thought it might be useful to you to correct that so people aren't writing to the wrong address.

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    The project continues to move forward. A small group will be undertaking some carol playing engagements in December and a media campaign is planned for the new year. Thank-you to everyone who has given support and good wishes.

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    Connacht Brass will make their public debut at the Cairde Arts Festival - Park Fest event in the Peace Park, Sligo on Sunday, 14th July @ 3.00pm

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