Conn trombones for sale.

Discussion in 'Classifieds' started by Bones, Nov 17, 2005.

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    Clearing out some stuff.

    Conn 89H Trombone. The 89H is a convertible 88H which can be easily converted to a straight tenor or a standard Bb/F trombone in seconds. It is a solid instruments, a few minor dings, and the lacquer is approx 80% but this is a great blowing instrument and has an excellent slide. Comes with all the necessary attachments for the conversion, and in a standard Conn Case. I will throw in a mouthpiece as well if required. I've used this instrument in all types of playing, quintet, brass bandinf, shows etc, and plays like you would expect a Conn to. Sensible offers for this rare example

    Conn 100H/6H hybrid. This is a bit of a strange one. It has a 100H Larry Minick slide. A 6H tuning slide and gooseneck and a Coprion bell. Not a pretty looking one, but a great instrument for the occasional big bander/show bander. I've used in on some pro and semi pro stuff and it holds up well. I'll dig out a mouthpiece for this one as well.

    Reasons for sale, I've got too many instruments and not enough opportunities to play them, so I am looking to reduce my current stock a little.

    For reasons of ease more than anything, if anyone is interested either PM me or call 07787 112198. In both instruments, I would want you to come and have a look at them first, blow them, then make your mind up and take them away. I'm not interested in posting them, too much hassle and risk. I live in Nottingham, so I am central to most places.

    Have fun.


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    Is this still for sale? (Worth a try :D)

  3. Bones

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    Sadly it went some time ago.

    THanks for the enquiry.

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