Conn ""Abeline" 73h Bass Trombone. (Same as elkhart)

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    Hi guys,

    For sale is my Conn 73H double plug Bass trombone from about 1975.

    It has the engraving of an Elkhart Conn but says USA on the bell rather than elkhart. This is because it is made with all elkhart parts, by the elkhart engineers but after the factory had moved from Elkhart to "Abeline".

    It plays exactly like a Conn Elkhart of a couple of years before, it was just put together on a different site.

    Its F/D with the extension for Db.

    In good condition, but does have some signs of use and laquer wear in the normal places.

    There is no wear to the inner slide plating and the Slide works really well and is smooth and fast.

    No major dents or any signs of repair. Ive owned this for 3 years before which it belonged ot John Hendy of Welsh National Opera.

    It comes in the original hard sace and I can also provide a "GIG" surf style gig bag instead or for a small cost as well.

    Its a 9.5 inch Yellow Bell, 2 Dependant triggers, .562 bore. ( I can supply a mouthpiece if youneed one).

    Its a lovely blowing instrument and of the "old school" so does not take as much "Filling" as many of the trombone son the market today.

    "Here is what the conn loyalist say about the 73h"

    The 73H is similar to the 62H: it is a bass trombone, dual rotor. The difference with the 62H is that the 73H has a regular brass bell as opposed to the 62H's red brass bell, and the 73H has the main tuning slide in the bell, whereas the 62H's main tuning slide is in the slide. The 73H has the same #5 (0.562") bore as the 62H. Like the 62H, it was produced from at least 1968 to 1972, and was probably discontinued sometime between 1973 and 1980. In a 1969 ad featuring the 60H, 62H, 71H and 73H, Conn says: "We have just created the 4 finest bass trombones in the world...".

    What Conn said in the 1970's:
    Beautiful resonant sound. Has special double rotors to F and E. The double rotor bass trombone with second rotor E tuning eliminates the need to pull the F slide to play low B, and maintains the advantage of have C and F in 1st position. The instrument not only has all the advantages of single rotor bass trombones pitched in Bb and F, but also by using the overtone series of the E valve, the player has three horns in one: Bb, F and E. The double rotor bass trombone with Bb open horn, first rotor F tuning and second rotor D tuning is the most practical combination for all tapes of playing the bass trombonist is likely to encounter, and simplifies the most intricate passages. To play a chromatic scale, the player need not go past the 5th position. Brass bell. Lustre-Conn finish over polished brass with nickel trim. Cylindrical bore 0.562". Bell diameter 9 1/2". Length 46".

    original article is at:

    Please PM me if you would like some photos, or to put her on hold and make a payment.

    Id like to get £1750 for her which will include postage within the UK. Or we can organise a pickup and meet.

    Payment can be via Bank transfer or via Paypal gift.

    This one is a bargain as they are getting very rare and are an appreciating asset. This trombone wont loose vaue (unless you trash it). If you spend this money on a modern Conn you will loose money. With this your money is invested in an appreciating asset.

    Thats a pretty important thought in the current climate!

    PM with any questions guys.

    Cheers for looking.

    Have a great Day.
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    Will be on ebay very soon.
  3. BTMbred

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    Reasonable offers will be considered.
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    The only way one can tell if it's a good one is by blowing it. I've played on bad elkhart's and good Abeline trombones so I wouldn't be too worried about what's stamped/engraved on the bell if I were you, infact the best 88H I've ever played on was an Abeline built in 1979!

    Why you selling?

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    Neil beat me to it.....there are good Abilene made horns, and occasionaly a duff Elkie!
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    It's a good blower, I've used her professionally but primarily I'm a tenor player.

    Of course you need to blow it really. It plays nicely, maybe not quite as "light" as a really good Elkhart but better than a duff one.
    I'm only selling as I have access to bass trombones art work and for my 7 - 10 bass trombone gigs a year I'd rather have the cash and use a free bee when I need one.

    And I have a pretty serious Rolex addiction.

    I won't be giving her away though. I wouldn't consider an offer under 1600. I'd rather keep her.

    It's only appreciating in value after all so id be daft to.
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    Ok guys, i still have this one, and an incoming gmt master 16753 means i could do with shifting her.

    Now £1350.

    pm me.

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    Just had the slide serviced and she's still available.

    Cracking classic instrument.