Conn 88HT Thinwall Bell Large BoreTrombone

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    Conn 88HT. Needs no further explanation if you are a serious big-band/symphonic/brass band/orchestral player.

    This is the thin-wall unsoldered bell version, rose coloured. Beautiful smooth sound. Again, if you know trombones I don't need to say more. This is very responsive and yet never seems to go into overload. Quiet or loud, it sounds great.

    Cosmetically very nice, no dents to speak of, some light scratching to bell lacquer but apart from that lacquer is worn in usual holding places. It is over 95% complete and looks perfectly respectable. Tuning slides all good.

    1972 model, superb condition, inner slides just replaced on service and not even run in yet.

    Reason for sale? coming back to trombone after a 30 year break meant that I went overboard as I usually do, and so I have 6 trombones. I would keep this if I hadn't committed to a new version of the same, and I can't back out of that.

    This is truly a very, very nice trombone and I've played both solo and bass trombone on this - gorgeous across the board.

    In the original conn case, tired but serviceable.

    I think this is a good bone, some people are recommending keeping it and selling the new one because this is better. Sadly that isn't an option.

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    SOLD - Conn 88HT

    Trombone now sold thanks for interest.
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    Conn 88HT Trombone - Available Again

    Hello all. Due to non-payment, the trombone is on the market again.

    See original posting for spec.

    As it was built in 1972, it has been suggested by a pro that it may have an Elkhart bell using pre-existant stock before the factory moved. I don't know if that's true, what I do know though is that it is a super bone.

    No timewasters please at £599.
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    Conn 88h is sold

    Sorry, forgot to close the thread. The trombone did sell to the original buyer.