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    Sorry if I posted in wrong place.
    I have a question about a conn 88h elkhart. I am currently looking to sell mine, but do not know how much to ask for a starting price on it. It is not in perfect condition. The slide has many scratches and there a few minor dings and a small dent at the top of the tuning slide. It still plays nice and the slide works great. The case is not in very good condition, but it works. I played this for about 7 years and used it in a marching band for 2. I really have no idea where to start for a price and would just like some help. The number on the slide is C49093 and it says 88h beside the trigger and inside the cap for the rotor it has the number 67. The bell says CONN ELKHART IND USA on seperate lines. I do not have pics to upload. If I can get some I will post as soon as I can.
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    here are some pics... they are from a phone, i did not want to post them, but it helps.
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    Do you still own this instrument??

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