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    Today, Hatfield Brass Band will be performing at Conisbrough Castle, Conisbrough, Nr Doncaster. Also performing today will be Stannington Band.

    Conisbrough Castle hold 'Brass Band Sundays' throughout the summer months. The times are between 12pm and 4pm.

    This is the first time Hatfield Band have performed at this event and it looks like it will be an enjoyable afternoon for anyone attending. For further information visit Conisbrough Castle's website:

    For anyone interested in going to listen to the bands playing this afternoon, there is an alteration in times.

    12 - 2pm Hatfield Band will be performing and not 2-4pm as stated on our website engagement list.

    2 - 4pm Stannington Band will be performing.
  2. Charmed

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    Just got back in from today's concert at Conisbrough Castle and I want to know, What Happened To The Weather! :eek: The forecast promised sunny and 29 degrees! The wind was blowing the music (even with pegs) and it was raining (admittedly only spitting)! Just love these engagements! ;)

    Anyway, stopped to listen to the first three pieces of Stannington Band and would just like to congratulate their principle cornet player who played one of my favourite songs, Love on the Rocks. He played it beautifully. Lovely sound. Well done! :clap:
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    Thanks for the kind words i will pass them on to Squirrel!

    Reciprocating those kind words; we came along a bit early to listen to Hatfield and enjoy a bit of a picnic. First time i'd heard you play. The band has a great sound, and really tight too! Really enjoyed listening to you.:clap: Shame about the soggy pork pies though!!:(

    The weather got a bit worse until about 2.45 when it finally stopped raining.

    Great little venue for a Sunday afternoon concert tho, it's the first time i've been. Shame there weren't more people along to listen.

    Do you know, is there a list of all bands who are playing each weekend somewhere????
  4. tubafran

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    Theres a list on Conisbrough Castle's website but the remaining bands are

    16/07 - Dearne Valley & Thurlston

    BBSBB and Killamarsh played on the 21/05 and the weather was so bad we had to play inside the visitor centre. They've had a total of 8 bands this year but allowing for the British weather it would seem better have the same number of bands playing over more days, if they only had one band at each event - less chance of raining off two performances that way.
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    Thanks for the info TUBAFRAN!!

    Could they not just buy a gazebo from Netto for £15??:tongue:
  6. Pythagoras

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    This is Conisbrough. It would get nicked.
  7. squirrel

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    Thanks Susan <embarrassed smiley> if you know the arrangement, then you probably know where I went wrong too... ;-) Think I got away with it .. yeah.. bit of ad-lib there...
    I was rather glad that I didn't find out that Roger Webster <we-are-not-worthy smiley> was listening, until after I'd played.

  8. timbloke

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    I like the fact that there are two bands at each event, it makes more of an event of it, the second band can turn up early, the first band leave late. After all, the best source of a brass band audience is surely other bands. It is a pity about the weather, but last year when BBSBB played it was glourious summer.

    I hope the event becomes a real tradition, and more people come along. It is such a good venue for band concerts.
  9. Charmed

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    Preferred your version. ;)