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  1. twigglet

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    Think quite a few people on here will know Pete Smith- ex principal tuba with NYBB. Just to say well done to him as he has qualified for the brass final for Young Musician of the Year...yey! And is going to be on telly for the final soon. Will post date when I find out.
  2. carlwoodman

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    Did he used to be with YBS?
    As a fellow tuba player, I'll be rooting for Pete.
    Who remembers Kevin Morgan from the 1st ever Young Musician of the Year? Great player! There was another tuba player in the brass final that year but I can't remember who it was. Anyone know?
  3. Kerwintootle

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    Well done Pete. :D
  4. grandfilth

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    I agree, I was also competing in it and he was awesome, big word to Chris Gomersal aswell, he may sound like a cockney now and he doesnt play 4 a band but hey, he played really well aswell, looking forward to the brass final!
  5. Naomi McFadyen

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    Fantastic achievement :D
  6. Aidan

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    hehe yeah :) well done to thin pete :D and gommersall too.. he will always be a bloody banding boc though
  7. timbloke

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    I know Michael Hext won that year... damn good trombone player, as is his dad, Terry. To anyone who knows or knew Terry, his is just about to (or may have now) retired from conducting Bedford Brass (where I started my banding life).

    Incidently... Michael went on to sell me his tromb, not the one he won on, but still... am still playing it, at least until i can afford anew one.
  8. twigglet

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    yep thats the one!
  9. shedophone

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    Well done Pete...

    Does anyone know how i can get hold of all the results in all categories?

    (Apart from percussion lol :wink: )
  10. Big Gav

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    Well done!

    Nice one.Good to hear that Pete is doing well.

    Big Gav
  11. Chris Panel (spelling) of T-Horn fame also got through. first ever t-horner in the brass final round
  12. NAS

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    Kevin Morgan... Hmmmm... is he a tuba player? I know Kevin Morgan the trom player :? plays for Bournemouth symphony (stunnin trom player).
  13. lornamac

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    1978 Finalists

    MICHAEL HEXT, trombone**
    KEVIN MORGAN, tuba
    DAVID MELVILLE, trombone
  14. PeterBale

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    Kevin Morgan produced a fine, lyrical solo cd on the ASV label, entitled "Virtuoso Tuba" - I think it's currently out of print but I've seen a few copies around.
  15. Heppy

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    A big well done to Chris Panel, you southern jessie!!! Great player, bad hair. Well done fella! 8)

  16. Aidan

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    pheeeeeeenominal ;)
    well done matey
  17. blondie

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    A big well done from me!!!!! :tup

    All the best and I WILL be watching the TV that night!!!!
  18. grandfilth

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    I happen to think that Chris Pannell has awesome hair!!Not sure bout his playing tho, o shuttup u northern ****!!