Congratulations to Kerwintootle!

Discussion in 'The Rehearsal Room' started by dyl, Nov 2, 2003.

  1. dyl

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  2. PeterBale

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    Well done, indeed - must be the effect of linking up with theMouthPiece :wink:
  3. asteria

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    Yeah, many congratulations Alex, shame you weren't there to pick up your prize!!

    Alex played an absolute stormer in the preliminary round and i had her down 1st, and i'm told she played just as well in the final (i was standing outside the door, and it sounded fab from there!)

    A really well organised day, i was very impressed, especially with the helpfulness of all the organisers.

    Well done again Alex, and good luck at the Ern Keller! :D
  4. Straightmute

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    Well done Alex - that's a fantastic achievement. Congratulations to Helen V too - top horn!

  5. Keppler

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    well done to the both of you!
    mucho clappa clappa!
  6. The Cornet King

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    The warmest of congratulations to KerwinTootle.
    Well done, keep up the good work, and enjoy your trip to Sweden!!
  7. wewizrobbed

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    Well done Alex :D that's such an amazing result!!

    Also congrats to Alison, Lyndsay and Bede as well for getting second in the quartets 8)

    cya at band the night

    Scottish Co-op
  8. PeterBale

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    Is this some weird Scottish way of counting, or does the fourth member of the quartet not deserve any congratulations :?: :wink: :lol:
  9. KennyC

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    The Scots only need three players Peter! They would have won if they'd used 4.

    Well done to them all. Especially Alex. What a year for 'Scottish' soprano players.

    Whitburn Band.
  10. PeterBale

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    You're sure it isn't that they wouldn't pay the entry fee for four :wink: :?: :lol:
  11. Aidan

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    Yeah Well done Alex :D
    I was on just before you in the prelims, so was obviously a good draw for you ;) ;)
    and well done granny too!!! :D
  12. Lauradoll

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    Well done to everyone who eltered. I heard a few performances and they were fantastic. I couldn't have done it, it was hard enough playing in a quartet never mind a solo! Well done the lot of you, especially the winners (and Hellllllleeeeeennnnnn the horn Queen yey yey)
  13. KennyC

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    Come to think of it...........
  14. asteria

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    Ah cheers guys, was genuinely surprised to get through to the final cos there was some quality playing all round. Got a cool glass trophy which i had to be very careful not to drop when i walked back to my seat!! :shock:

    Listened to quite a few people and was very impressed with the standard, can't say i heard a bad performance this year (there were 1 or 2 last year... :? ), big well done to everyone who played! :D

    And aidan, i'll get natsumi to help knit me that slap.... :wink:
  15. Aidan

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  16. wewizrobbed

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    oi!! :p less of yer cheek please

    Alex was in the quartet too, that makes four :wink:

    2nd baritone
    Scottish co-op
  17. Di

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  18. Aidan

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    why wernt you there luce ya big chicken :p :)
  19. Les Wood

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    Well done Alex! Great result. What is it with Scottish Sporano players then??

    Les Wood
    Kirkintilloch Band
  20. wewizrobbed

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    cos im shit?!