Conductors scores needed.

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  1. Cornet Nev.

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    Darwen Brass is a new band, but having taken over an old library we find we are short of three full or part conductors scores. The poor man at the front is frantically wagging his stick, but with no idea what he is wagging it at. We do have all the parts for all instruments and I dare say with some dedication and perhaps my Finale or Sibelius I could do our own, but I don't really have the time.
    The pieces are--
    Clog Dance-- by J Marcangelo arr. by B Charleston
    Aranjuez Mon Amour-- arr by Darrol Barry
    Hey Jude-- arr. by A Fernie

    If any one can help us acquire these scores, any reasonable costs can be covered.

    Second cornet,
    Press officer and now general dogsbody,
    Darwen Brass.
  2. dyl

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    Well, seeing as both of these arrangers are members here on tMP, why not send them a pm, no doubt they'd be able to tell you where you could purchase a replacement score.
  3. zak

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    If you can't get the score use a pair of ears and a solo cornet part, that should be enough to get the right 'stick' direction and the ears should pick up mistakes/things to work on.

  4. bassinthebathroom

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    It's pretty hard to do a thorough rehearsal without knowing who's playing what though, to fix balance etc. Ears are all very well for giving a pulse, but you're pretty sunk when it comes to giving cues and stuff...
    Nev, have you tried Just Music, who have Hey Jude and Clog Dance on their online catalgoue, but score and parts - perhaps they could supply just the score?
    Failing that, you could try contacting Trevada Music ( or 01209 714353. I should imagine they have these in stock and would be able to perhaps negotiate a score only price?
    Or perhaps google the publishers on the band parts, they would be the most likely source of a replacement score only (as they usually only sell full sets to most retailers).
    Happy hunting!
  5. DaveR

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    It should be possible to get just the score of these titles (with the possible exception of Arunjuez mon amour, which may be out of print). Contact me if you would me to ask the publishers for you.
  6. simonbassbone

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    I'm sure you said that tongue in cheek cos it makes a big difference depending on the standard of the players. The lower you go the more you need to be aware of what each player should be playing rather than the overall sound.
  7. Cornet Nev.

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    As I said, we are a new band. We are at present very limited in finances, and what we do have is already allocated for other things. I dare say we could pay for these scores via our own contacts but that would offset something else no doubt. I was hoping perhaps someone could at least lend us these parts, otherwise we will have to scrimp and save in order to order and buy them.
    It is a shame that the original scores are missing, they must have been bought with all the other parts at some time or another. No doubt the previous owners of the library and their past MD may have them, but tracing that path is not a likely thing at the moment.
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