Conductor Requires North East Band

Discussion in 'Recruitment Corner' started by StickItch1701, Apr 12, 2004.

  1. StickItch1701

    StickItch1701 New Member

    Im on the look out for any band in the North East who requires the services of a Musical Director.
    I've been in banding now for about 19 years as a player and the dreaded fever has struck again.
    Im suffering from Stick Itch,I contracted this some years ago and I thought I had got rid of it but alas no.It has returned.
    I've worked with the likes of David James,Roy Newsome,Richard Evans,to name but a few..and I have conducted numerous bands.
    So if you would like your band to go onwards and upwards please leave your details and I will be touch.
  2. Moy

    Moy Active Member

    Muirton of Barras
    Take it when you say North East you mean North East of England.
    I see you mention you have worked with Mr James he is our MD and we are a band in the North East of Scotland.
    Gods Country is Scotland :wink: Ask DJ he will tell you the same.
  3. StickItch1701

    StickItch1701 New Member

    Hi Moy,
    Yes you are correct!
    Im from the North East of England,where you associate the"Waye I Man" Catchphrase.
    Glad to see David stick waggling again as I know he had enough of it not too long back!
    Last time I worked with David was back in 1999 at a course!
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