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    Audley Brass Band require a conductor to develop its training band Audley 96.
    At present this is to be on a voluntary basis but may be reviewed.

    The accent is to be on the development of young people enabling them to progress through the organisation to Audley Brass.

    Candidates will be expected take a rehearsal on designated music.

    They will also be expected to give their ideas of aims and objectives of a training band and where they see it progressing.

    In conjunction with the bands Child Protection Policy all candidates will be interviewed, references required, and relevant police checks carried out.

    The successful candidate will be expected to communicate and work alongside the Musical Director of Audley Brass (Kevin Birch) and the Youth Coordinator.

    The training of young players has a vital role for the organisation and therefore this is a very important appointment to secure the future of Audley Brass.

    Check out the bands website to find out more about our organisation

    Please contact Musical Director Kevin Birch for more details or apply in writing to
    Kevin Birch
    Elton Road
    CW11 3NE

    Audley 96 Training Band

    Audley96 Training Band are looking for young players in all sections to take the organisation forward.
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  2. stotty74

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    Good luck with finding somebody to take on this role.

    A few of the kids from Audley came up to the Northop Festival, and i was very impressed with all of them. You have some very good young players there, and i'm sure they will all develop into even better players in the future.

    We have a very similar setup in Northop, and training your own kids seems to be the best way forward. If only more bands would do the same, then the future of banding would be very secure.

    Good luck with your search.
  3. FlugelD

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    You've probably thought of this, but how about a current member - an experienced player or (wannabe?) music student - having a go? Have you tried asking for volunteers, or even press-ganging a likely candidate? Might be worth a try...
  4. robbie

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    Yea, Good luck in finding someone Kev,
    Hope you find someone soon!